In the current ultra-competitive economic scene, organizations have to do far more than just marketing their goods and services to their precise target audiences. The primary focus for all businesses is to grab audience attention and keep them engaged thus, forming the foundation for a robust and lasting customer and brand relationship. 

In the scramble that ensues to gain customer attention and their loyalty, only those organizations that deliver the very best customer journeys and experiences would be winning the game in the end. For AD & D professionals, it implies supporting all experiences personal and relevant custom-tailored individually for every customer that too, in real-time. The outcome of utilizing all the accumulated customer data would be significantly higher revenues. 

Acquia Lift has been introduced to solve all customer customization challenges and issues for digital teams, assimilating user profile data and content for personalizing the customer journey effectively in ways that were not possible earlier. Lift is capable of presenting wholly-targeted experiences that are based on widely witnessed user or visitor behaviors and precise user interactions and preferences. Acquia Lift’s real-time personalization begins with the initial engagement that occurs across any channel or device. The outcome is certainly a far more relevant experience for all users, where both content and CTRs are well-matched to their expectations and needs.

What is Lift?

You must be wondering exactly what is Acquia Lift. Acquia Lift provides an effective cloud platform to create, deliver, as well as, optimize websites. Acquia Lift facilitates companies to seamlessly deliver personalized customer experiences in Drupal along with other digital platforms. This sort of flexibility goes a long way into enabling companies to go on capitalizing on their current technology investments and building on what they already have. Flexible APIs and JavaScript tags make Acquia Lift easy and simple for any IT team for implementation. Moreover, an intuitive user interface helps marketers in orchestrating their company’s customization initiatives. 

As per, the focus on experiential shopping is supposed to be a reaction to the success and growth of online businesses. Online sales keep growing by the year. However, this digital shopping experience implies that brands are having fewer opportunities for meeting their clients face-to-face. Hence, they are desperately trying to connect and are, therefore, seeking out innovative ways of reaching the customers. Acquia Lift comes to the picture here. 

Acquia Lift has been elevating personalization across all organizations. It has certainly gone beyond experimentation and A/B testing. Lift is capable of empowering digital teams to holistically deliver custom-tailored experiences and that too, in real-time. Acquia Lift, no doubt, is a truly game-changing cloud solution meant for redefining and simplifying the user model and facilitating delivery at basically a global scale.               

Acquia Lift’s Upgraded Features    

Acquia Lift has a more simplified card-based and drag & drop UX with the competence for accessing, unifying, and personalizing content across digital platforms including Drupal. Based chiefly on customer onboarding and easy integration, Lift is supposed to be Acquia’s wonderful SaaS solution designed to create contextual and personalized digital experiences. Moreover, it allows customers to take maximum advantage of customization quicker than ever before.

Marketers could spring into action faster simply by accumulating profile data of visitors to the site or customers and gaining valuable insights into specific buyer segments. Moreover, the embedded syndication hub of Lift helps in unifying content across all these platforms completely revolutionizing what had once been a duplicative and labor-intensive effort. With the capability of targeting customers and prospects very much in real-time, today marketers are successful in adapting to specific audience behavior, facilitating quicker conversions and greater bottom-line results. 

Some Acquia Lift features:

· A new card-based and intuitive UI with an effective drag-and-drop content targeting.
· Assimilation of known, as well as, anonymous visitor profiles.
· Enterprise CMS integration along with content syndication coming from just about any source.
· Turnkey integration with both Drupal 7 as well as Drupal 8.
· A/B testing, as well as, behavioral targeting.
· Real-time & adaptive segmentation.

Personalization Is Crucial

We all know that personalization is the cornerstone of great customer experiences; however, it becomes highly challenging to deliver relevant experiences if user-profiles and content are stored in numerous systems. Marketing tools had been struggling to overcome all these silos earlier. Gaining valuable and meaningful insights about the visitors to your site or customers is an integral part of creating a great personalized experience for the customers. With the help of Acquia Lift, today businesses could easily build better customer profiles for delivering the perfect content. Businesses could now track and observe visitor behavior more broadly for boosting the overall customer experience thereby, generating new revenue and business opportunities. 

Everybody today is looking for creating contextual experiences hence; experience optimization and data collection are chiefly the topics every client would love to address first thing. Acquia Lift has made it possible for businesses to establish a robust foundation to deliver personalized and meaningful customer experiences. Thanks to Lift’s additional capabilities, today it is capable of getting optimized across an extensive digital footprint in practically every company or business.

We know that Acquia is supposed to be an efficient enterprise CMS platform known for providing five major solutions: 

Acquia Cloud: Robust cloud-native effective web hosting platform for building and managing Drupal-based sites.

Acquia Cloud Site Factory: For providing digital teams with effective and quickest way of creating, updating, and centralizing numerous Drupal websites globally. 

Acquia Lightning: This is a competent open-source Drupal-8 distribution that boasts of preselected configuration and modules for assisting developers in building improved sites quickly and run them basically on Acquia Cloud. 

Acquia Digital Asset Manager: Your logos, images, PDFs, videos, and more could now be stored in one single place and could easily be updated. Acquia DAM is supposed to be a cloud-oriented digital asset management device or tool. It acts as an amazing central library specifically for Drupal sites.

Acquia Commerce Manager: This is known for providing a highly flexible and most secure platform for specifically content-rich, experiential commerce. 


Hope this post could help you in understanding everything about Acquia Lift, personalization, targeting, and even testing more broadly while implementing these effective tools.