Does the idea of a common engagement ring leave you yawning? Do you want a ring that’s beautiful but non-traditional? Don’t worry—there are plenty of other options to make your heart flutter. A good jeweler can offer you not only beautiful diamond rings for women but also trendier gemstones that truly make a bold and stylish statement so you can find the ring that best fits your personality.

1. Rubies 

Apart from diamonds, rubies are also considered ‘timeless’ choices for engagement jewelry. In fact, lots of vintage engagement rings feature this beautiful stone. Rubies are among those precious gems that retain their brilliance. What’s more, the ruby is one of the hardest minerals out there—only a spot below a diamond, making this fiery red beauty nearly as indestructible. A ruby engagement ring is a unique piece that will surely be treasured. 

However, do note that rubies can end up being more expensive than diamonds, depending on size and quality. Talk to your jeweler about your budget so that you are informed accordingly. 

2. Aquamarines 

For those looking for a more muted stone in terms of color, aquamarine is an excellent alternative. Its blue-green hue that’s reminiscent of the ocean, can complement almost any engagement ring setting. Some lighter varieties are often confused with diamonds, which makes aquamarine a great alternative to a diamond engagement ring. With proper care and regular maintenance and servicing, your aquamarine engagement ring can last a lifetime.

3. Sapphires 

Even before diamonds became a girl’s best friend, sapphire was a top stone of choice for engagement rings. It’s color variation makes it an exciting piece of material to work with and incorporate into ring designs. While sapphire is typically blue in color, it also comes in a range of other hues—from yellow to orange and even purple. 

4. Emeralds 

Symbolic of love and exciting new beginnings, green emerald is another popular choice of precious stone for engagement rings. The bright green of an emerald gives any piece of jewelry a distinct look. It also goes well with any style preference. 

Emeralds, like aquamarines, also score high in terms of scratch and damage resistance. However, some say that emeralds are much more prone to chipping and cracking because of the natural inclusions they contain. The secret to finding emerald stones that last forever is to choose stones that have inclusions found right in the center of the gem instead of near the sides. This greatly reduces its susceptibility to cracking.

5. Pearls

Another timeless classic, the old-fashioned pearl takes the word ‘traditional’ to an entirely different level of elegance and sophistication. This classic gem is making a resurgence in today’s engagement ring designs, offering an air of simplistic elegance and a touch of old-fashioned charm. These engagement rings are perfect for brides who want to break away from typical crystals and gems. 

Pearls come in a range of types and varieties—ranging from freshwater to saltwater pearls, cultured pearls, and many others—providing you endless options depending on your style and budget. A word of caution when choosing pearls for an engagement ring, however. This precious material is not as hard as the other options mentioned here, so it is a lot more susceptible to scratches, damage, and discoloration, but with extra care, can still last a lifetime.   

When buying or choosing a gemstone in place of diamond rings for women, one of the most important factors to look for is its hardness. After all, these rings are typically worn every day (or at least most days of the week). They have to be beautiful—but they also have to be able to take a beating. 

Estate diamond rings are still some of the best choices. That’s because diamonds are the hardest minerals out there, hence the famous adage that ‘diamonds are forever.’ No matter what your choice, make sure that it can stand up to your daily activities and lifestyle. A good jeweler can give you expert advice.