You may not put a lot of thought before buying a board game considering it's a game you play to kill boredom. But, that’s not all it should be. If you’re willing to spend your hard-earned bucks on a game, you need to be sure if it’ll be enjoyed by you, your friends and family and that it won’t be discarded in a shelf covered in dust.

This guide points out certain things you should consider before buying a board game.

1. Price Value

The first thing to evaluate before you purchase anything is its price and whether it's worth spending money on. Don’t just buy any board game because it’s being raved about. Take your time, see what it retails for, the components you get with it and compare the price of your game on different websites.

You can stop by a game store and play the games yourself to ensure if it's enjoyable and has great value for the price. If you find the price to be above your spending limit, you can purchase a second-hand board game too, it'll give you the same experience as a brand-new one.

2. Players Required to Play

If you buy a game you’re really excited about and later find out that it can be played with a particular number of players and you don’t have that many players, the game will be useless.

Consider buying a game which requires multiple players if you have a large group; if your friends or family group is relatively smaller, buy games which require two to four players.

3. Time Needed to Play

It is important to purchase a game which uses a reasonable amount of your time. Some people don’t like to spend more than an hour playing board games whereas, some people can spend hours or even days to finish a game.

If you and your friends are likely to spend hours on a game, you could play miniature wars games as it takes up to 2-4 hours or even Monopoly which can continue for days. But, if you are looking to play a game only for relaxation without spending too much of your time, then you should buy games like scrabble, bingo board or Ludo.

4. Concept of The Game

The concept of the game defines the attributes of a game, its aim and how to play it. The fun-factor of any game is directly related to how well the game is designed. This is one of the most important factors to consider before buying a board game.

If you want a board game for children, you need to make sure the concept is not centered around violence or conduction of thefts, basically, it should be kid-friendly.

On the other hand, if you’re selecting a game to play with grown-ups you must buy a game whose concept is liked and understood by all. Even if one person finds the game concept boring or complicated, the game will not be played as much and your purchase becomes a flop.

5. Try Before You Buy

Lastly, don’t buy a board game if you can play it beforehand. Many board cafes are on the rise these days, you could find one within your area and check out the different games they have. Doing so will help you in finding the right game for you and also make you familiar with how it's played.

Mobile versions of popular board games are being developed too. These are a great way to browse through games and find the game you will most likely enjoy. Check if your game is available on the app store, play it and then decide if you want to purchase the actual game.

This finally brings us to the end of things you should consider before purchasing a board game. Hopefully, this list helps you in your next gaming gatherings.