If you’re a homeowner starting a renovation project, then there are many different materials for you to work with, including asphalt, brick, glass, wood, stone, marble, and more. However, concrete is the only material that ticks all the right boxes. Here are some compelling reasons for you to pick concrete: 

#1 Concrete Is Cheap and Long-Lasting
There’s are two reasons why the concrete industry is worth over $40 billion and millions of metric tons of the substance are produced every year. The first is that it’s cost-effective to purchase and use. Made with water, cement and aggregate, concrete is easy to obtain and cheaper than other building materials. What’s more, concrete is adaptable and requires little energy to use. 

Concrete is also durable. With the right maintenance,it can last for decades in driveways, yards, floors, basements, patios, steps, and paths. It can also bear heavy weights with the right foundation. Other materials, such as marble, wood, or stone, can be more fragile and require more maintenance. 

Of course, over time, concrete can develop cracks, despite a homeowner’s best efforts. It’s important to repair such issues before they grow worse. Thankfully, because of the popularity of the substance, it’s likely that you can find a local contractor who can specialize in repairing cracked concrete at a competitive price. A contractor with the following characteristics is likely to provide excellent services:

Decades of experience 
Fully insured and certified
Ability to complete residential and commercial projects
Equipped with the latest tools
Can recycle byproducts 

#2 Concrete Can Be Used Creatively
Although concrete is usually found in driveways, floors, steps, swimming pool surrounds, and more, it can also be used creatively. You can use concrete to build an accent wall that’s complemented by a wooden door and plants, kitchen counters that give your home a rustic feel, a bathtub to give your bathroom a stylish look, or a fireplace that stands out as a centerpiece. 

You can also try concrete décor with smaller items like a coffee table, checkers set, bookends, or soap dish, which require a smaller investment. 

#3 Concrete Can Lower Energy Bills
If your home is made of concrete, then you may benefit from lower energy bills. This is because concrete walls conserve heating and cooling energy better than walls made of other materials. Because concrete is strong and resistant to fire, concrete homes are also safer to live in, 

#4 Concrete Can Be Eco-Friendly
Although concrete can have a large footprint, this is countered somewhat by its durability. Because objects made of concrete can last anywhere from decades to over a century, the production cost is lower in the long run.

What’s more, innovations in concrete have made it more sustainable. For example, many contractors use wet cutting to prevent hazardous waste from polluting the air. They also use industrial vacuums and ventilation systems to protect the environment from harmful dust. Newer concrete cutting tools consume less energy and emit fewer emissions. 

These are some good reasons for homeowners to use concrete. With the right contractor on your side, your next concrete related home renovation project can be cost-effective, long-lasting, stylish, and sustainable.