As we move from house parties that rely on a good supply of cheap alcohol and chips toward something more sophisticated, there comes a need to start prepping some food that fits the move away from a keg party. The main thing that really differentiates a house party at 21 to 31 is that the drinks are probably a bit more expensive, maybe some good wines, and the food needs to be tasty. If you're planning on having a house party soon, check out these finger food ideas.

Chicken and bacon bake
You can't go too far wrong by combining bacon, cheese, chicken, and bread. This is an ideal food that you'll see your guests demolish in about 10 minutes after they have the munchies from a glass or two of wine. To make this, combine the two portions of meat into a good loaf of bread and add a good amount of your favorite cheese. Bake it in the oven until the cheese is melted and serve with lots of napkins. Make sure to make a few of these as they will go quickly.

The fancy pizza dip
There are two ways to get good food at your house for a party. The first is to order it, getting Pizza Hut delivery with Foodpanda, for example, and the second is to make it. If you want to try your hand at making a pizza alternative that's a little bit more interesting, try making a separate version. Take your cheese and your favorite toppings, such as tomatoes and basil, and combine into a dip. You can then get an assortment of delicious bread, crackers, and anything else that can be dipped, and get that creamy-pizza topping goodness into your mouth.  

Upgraded potatoes
For serving potatoes for a slightly more sophisticated audience, try making cheese-filled potato puffs. These have you making your best mash, adding lots of sharp cheese to the mix, and then baking to give them a crunchy outside. Have lots of dipping sauce nearby for the perfect alternative to fries at your house party.

Chicken strips
Another finger food staple, chicken cut into fry-sized strips makes for a delicious addition to your house party buffet. Take chicken breast and cover with flour, egg, and breadcrumbs to get that fried chicken exterior. Bonus points for adding a few herbs and spices into the breadcrumbs to give it a little extra kick. These can be baked or fried, and then served with sour cream or salsa.

Soup and grilled cheese
This is one of the best comfort foods out there and a sure way to put your guests in a good mood. Cook up a batch of homemade tomato and basil soup, which can be done in no time at all, and then add a side of finger-sized grilled cheese sandwiches for dipping. To make it look great, get a dozen of nicely designed small bowls or mugs and portion out the soup ready to be eaten.