Weekends are for having fun and spending quality time with the people who matter to you the most. Fortunately for Dubai locals, the city is known to have lots of enjoyable attractions designed with weekend joy-seekers in mind.

The City of Gold offers such a large variety of great activities and destinations. You can easily mix and match these for a perfectly exciting weekend getaway with your family or friends. However, if the vast selection proves to be somewhat overwhelming to choose from, listed below are seven of the best weekend activity options to try — choose the ones that can provide the experiences you wish to have.

1. Have Some Water Fun Under the Sun

It's hot and dry in Dubai 98% of the year. Therefore, every weekend is practically perfect for having some water fun under the sun. Stay cool by swimming in a pool or just floating around in a lazy river. Alternatively, pretend to be the last water bender when you hit interactive water fountains. 

If you and the other members of your group are big thrill-seekers, make sure to try the different rides at a water park in Dubai, such as the Laguna Waterpark. This popular venue has so much to offer, and it keeps on adding new attractions and themed water park activities and events to ensure everybody's good time. 

If you want to experience the different functions and attractions this park has in store for guests, get the resident annual pass. As a holder of the annual pass, you get:

10% discounts on F&B and items in the retail shops for an entire year
One free La Mer Cinema Experience (worth AED 85), which you can redeem on the 30th of November
Access to all the rides and attraction for which you meet the safety requirements 

A full day at this waterpark is sure to bring happy squeals and thrills.

2. Experience a Cultural Awakening

If you feel like getting to know the city of Dubai a lot more, join an Old Dubai Tour. It's not just the tourists that find this activity exciting; even locals and expats have an exciting time learning more about Dubai's colorful history.

Through this tour, you'll learn the humble beginnings of this highly progressive city. Likewise, you'll be able to sample traditional Emirati food, see local art, and familiarize yourself with the unique industries that served as the foundation for Dubai's economic rise. If you find yourself in Al Bastakiya, you can unwind over tea and other delicious eats.

3. Go on a Gastronomic Adventure

Dubai also boasts an abundance of world-class restaurants and popular food kiosks. Famous personalities such as Oprah Winfrey, the Beckhams, the late Anthony Bourdain, and even dignitaries from different parts of the globe have visited many of these dining establishments.

Why not go on a food trip that combines both high-end and affordable gastronomic destinations? For example, you can start your day by going to brunch.

If you and your family or friends enjoy weekend brunches, head to Bubbalicious where the offerings are not just delicious but quite affordable as well. Head to Brasserie 2.0, where you get to dress up and feast on premium meats. Then, for the evening, bring your group to weekend bazaars, the hub of Dubai’s best street food.

4. Get Fit

After a food crawl in Dubai, how about working out to burn the calories you consumed from all the delectable food you have indulged in? Join Connect with Nature's various environmentally responsible and healthy activities. Check out their website for the events they have lined up. 
Go hiking with your gang, or try canoeing with your siblings for the first time. You can also try your hand at all the water sports offered at both local beaches and private resorts. 

Working out is not always an activity that people look forward to. However, if there are physically challenging programs that come with a meaningful twist, such as those offered by Connect with Nature and even local travel agencies, you can rest assured that everybody will have a blast and create memorable experiences.

5. See Different World Wonders

To the rest of the world, Dubai is a city where the impossible becomes possible. Therefore, it's the best place to see some world wonders. Create an itinerary of destinations within the city that have been certified unique or the best in the world.

For instance, set out for a tour of the Dubai Miracle Garden. This botanical wonder holds the largest selection of flowers in the world. Follow it up with the double sunset viewing at Burj Khalifa, which is the tallest tower in the world. It's so tall that it offers two sunsets in a day.
Check out the rest of the Palm Jumeirah as well, which is one of the grandest creations of man. 

6. Go on a Cruise

There are different tour packages for anybody who wants to explore the city from the water. There's a dinner cruise that sails through Dubai Creek that you and your group can sign up for. This lazy cruise will treat you to a view of traditional Dubai and many of the new architectural developments around the city.

Not only that, this cruise includes a gourmet dinner that both young and old will enjoy, as well as musical entertainment. It's important to mention that if you are not a fan of the heat that comes with being outdoors as you're sailing through the waters, the cruise yacht is air-conditioned, so you and your group can stay cool the whole time. 

So, if you wish for a brand of fun that is quite relaxed and leisurely, consider the Dubai Creek Cruise.

7. Try an Animal Encounter

The Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo is another fantastic destination for the weekend. 

If you are scared of actually going into the water for an underwater adventure, this is the best place to go. You'll have sharks and stingrays swimming above you as you walk through a glass tunnel. You can observe the wildlife from a glass-bottom boat or a submarine ride as well. These present close encounters with majestic marine creatures, but without the fear factor.

There you have it — seven great weekend activities in Dubai to suit different tastes. Truly, this city has something perfect for everybody. Having fun over the weekend is just a matter of going for an experience that you know you, your family, and your friends can experience together and create fond memories over.