So, you’ve decided to take that final step, and make some room in your life for the new best friend: a dog! You’ve been a dog person forever but never had one. Finally, the time is now. However, apart from genuine love and overall excitement, is there anything else you need? 

Definitely, yes. 

Here’s a brief list of the things to prepare before you bring the new furry family member to your home.

Personal Space
The idea may not appeal to you, but the very first thing to check out would be a dog crate or a cannel. It needn’t be too big — just enough for a dog to enjoy it. 

In this respect, dogs are like humans. We all like to have our personal space to retreat to every once in a while. In addition, while the pup or dog gets used to the new environment, their protected personal stress-free zone will be very beneficial. Admittedly, it’s good for setting the boundaries too before you allow your pet to roam the whole house.

Glorious Food
Of course, you have to have the right type of food prepared before the big arrival. The pet food market should reach 30.01 billion by 2022, which tells us Americans sure pay attention to the pets’ diet and you should have no problem getting the right food regarding the dog’s age and species. Here's a list of the recommended dog food that are suitable for many different breeds. It is important to get the diet right for your dogs so that they can stay healthy and strong.

Generally, they eat three times a day. If you find your doggo is a bit too shy to eat, you may try to deliver the food at the exact time every day, and remove it after half an hour. It sounds cruel, but it works. Alternatively, put the yummy food topper in the bowl before the food, and this will encourage them to eat more to get to the good stuff.

Necessities and Accessories
Here’s a brief list of the essentials every dog should have, aka your shopping list:

  • Food bowl
  • Water bowl
  • A comfy bed (dogs sleep about 12 to 14 hours on average)
  • The right dog collars and leash — fortunately, nowadays you can find a wide choice for dogs of all shapes and sizes. Remember to make a name tag, too, to go with the collar just in case your pup decides to wander off.
  • Clothes — winter is coming, and some dog breeds need to wrap up just like their owners.

Dog VIPs
First of all, this would be the vet. You should pay them a visit before getting the pet as they will inform you about all you need to know about its health and how to maintain it. 

If the furry friend has lots of fur, then a groomer is a must too. 

Keep It Cool
Finally, the training. You will need lots of patience, and remember that “dog see, dog do”. If you feel upset and flustered, you’ll see your reflection in the dog version, too. Be patient, persistent, and loving. In case you aren’t fit for the part, try to find a good coach and dog insurance.

So, are you up for it? Take these into account, and get ready to welcome a lot of joy and loyalty into your home!