You must be aware of the idea of one sided earring, and at first, it may seem like an absurd idea, why would you not wear the other earring? But as this trend continues to gain more heat and it is being rocked by so many celebrities at major galas and balls, most of the audience has actually started to admire it. If you haven’t yet liked it, get in line because eventually, it is going to be everywhere, on every pair of ears. 

One sided earrings are by far one of the most unique ladies jewelry trends. This fashion trend is here to last, it has the power to make you look elegant and highly sophisticated. You have to follow it as it is trending, ending up with one earring is actually one of the best ideas in a long, long time. It will definitely update your look and give you a more chic look immediately. All of you ladies, irrespective of your age and style, can rock this amazing look. It will show how updated you are and will surely bring a major fashion statement adding to your overall look. It doesn’t matter if you are wearing dangle earrings, studs, or any other style, including drop earrings, you can rock the one sided earrings pretty easily. 

The one-sided earring will create an immediate statement look as no one would be expecting one sided earring on you. It is quite easy to pull off as it suits all kinds of faces and gives you an edgy look. You can always buy a pair of earrings and choose only one to wear at a time. There are. However, many stores and designer brands selling only one sided earrings, one example is Ammanii’s one sided earrings. Ammanii has got quite a collection of one sided earrings of all kinds, you will absolutely love it. However, if you still buy a pair of earrings, then the idea is to mix and match in a way that is individualized for you. Choosing the one sided earrings will give you massive style updates and will still underline your very own uniqueness. 

In order to rock this look, it is always suggested to wear your hair up or at least do a one sided hairstyle, so it is easier for you to show off this look. The best recommendations for wearing one sided earrings are geometric, and drop earring style will go with your smart casual and boho-inspired outfits. If you are going for an evening gathering, then you must choose from the sleek and elegant earring styles. 

Rocking one sided earrings 
If you are still unsure about wearing one sided earrings and need a little more reassurance, best is to look at some of the celebrities who have perfectly rocked this look at major festivals and galas. One such and prominent celebrity is Emma Watson, we have hardly ever seen the girl with both earrings on. She mostly only wears one earring at almost all the functions. 

1. The Emma Watson statement one sided earring 
The punk theme of Met Gala was a total sophistication from Emma Watson, and she chose a racy black dress with a single statement earrings. The trend is looking great on her because of her choice of gown and wearing the hair up with the most natural makeup. This look is simple, amazing, and very easy to recreate. 

2. Louis Vuitton one sided earring
Many mega fashion brands have introduced one sided earrings for fashionistas out there. Both minimalists and maximalists can rock one sided earrings pretty easily.