You probably know singer, songwriter and DJ, Jesse Neo, who came rocking into the music scene in 2017.

His debut single, Sex Magic, gained airplay across Europe and USA. It eventually became a staple in nightclubs throughout major Australian cities, where the singer hails from. There was a time the Huffington Post portrayed his vocals as “snobbish overtones and delicious breathiness.”

Lately, Jesse has been busy travelling between his homeland of Australia and Los Angeles to keep up with his writing commitments for several labels and artists.

However, we recently discovered that the singer has also found success anonymously selling beats on his online store Gemtracks.

In an exclusive discussion with the singer, Jesse Neo spilled the beans on how it all began.

He started off writing songs for himself, but his unique style gradually became the talk of the town. Suddenly other artists, labels and even big YouTube channels were reaching out to him in a bid for him to ghost-write songs for them.

It was then he came up with the idea for an online beats store.

The concept of the store was for anyone to instantly purchase and download beats. Moreover, the beats are only sold once, and the buyer gets complete master ownership.

This full ownership allows the buyer to sell as much copies of each beat as they want without having to pay Jesse a cent. As the website grew, Jesse then recruited friends he met in the industry to contribute to the store too.

As far as we know, the venture has been paying off as sales have been rising tremendously. This is good news amidst the music industry becoming harder for artists to make a living. This is also despite platforms like Spotify and Tidal that offers music streaming services at affordable rates becoming popular and suppressing online piracy.

Because the beats are exclusive, this justifies pricing them at higher rates than what most people would be comfortable with. Based on our research, each track can fetch as high as $600. According to customer feedback, the exclusiveness justifies the value.

The only drawback is if any of those beats somehow become a wonder hit, the original composer of the beat won’t be owed any royalty.

Jesse Neo ended with an exciting note that there are now plans to turn the website into a marketplace. This means anyone interested in selling their own beats would be able to do so.

Stay tuned.