Wedding videography has recently become increasingly popular, because people want to remember their special day in the form of a movie like memory. While pictures are great too, and will remain timeless, there something about a video that takes you right back to the moment and makes you remember things you may have forgotten. If you are considering hiring a videographer, it will be quite an expense. However, you could always think of it as investment because it is definitely worth every penny spent, if done right. 

What kind of style you want?

Every wedding videography will have its own certain style, and it depends on you and your preferences of how you want big day to be recorded. Here are some of the common themes that are in these days:

- Cinematic: These styles are more like short movies, or trailers of your wedding day. They are shot and edited similar to how movies are done, and it can be a wonderful way to look back to your special day. You could think of it as a piece of art that will never get old. 
- Documentary: a documentary is meant to capture the day exactly as it is occurring. This will not only include the main event, but also behind the scenes shots, and interviews with the guests and the bride and groom. If you want a detailed recollection of your wedding day, this is the way to go.
- Story: this method of shooting the wedding will involve a lot of dramatic music and scenic shots so they tell a story. They will also involve some old video clips if really want to get into the story telling idea. 

What budget you have?

You need to consider the kind of budget you can allocate to your wedding videography. While it may not be very cheap, you can still find many reasonably priced services that will do a great job. But we suggest spending generously as you can, because the more you are willing to spend, the more professional services you will get. 

What you want to be covered?

Everything you want to be in the video will depend on you. You can give detailed and clear instructions to the kind of shots you want specifically so they can be ready to shoot. If you want to see a certain type of thing it is important that you communicate these wishes to the videographers so they do a good job out of it and don’t disappoint you, since you will be paying a lot and it won’t be possible to reshoot the whole thing again. 

When it comes to the raw unedited shots, you can also let the videographers know that you will be wanting those clips too so that you can watch them whenever you feel like it down the line. It is important you specify this, because most videographers will not include those files in the hard drive or USB on which you will get the main file.