Getting the right guest speaker for an even can be quite challenging. A good speaker can make a huge difference to your event. When planning an event, one of the crucial elements to consider for a successful event is to have the right speaker. The speaker can help to set the tone of the event and make the event memorable to the audience. 

Hire the wrong speaker and your reputation will be ruined; hire the right speaker, and you will have made a big step towards a successful and a memorable event. When selecting a speaker, there are a number of factors that you should consider.  These factors include:

1. The speaker’s level of knowledge
It is essential for your potential speaker to have extensive expertise in the industry. You should look for a speaker who is an expert in the field that’s relevant to your event and your audience, this will narrow the field. The speaker should have the ability to connect with the audience. And a highly knowledgeable speaker has a strong sense of narrative and excellent storytelling abilities that are backed with studies.

2. Your event goals
When hiring a speaker, you need somebody who will portray the right tone for your event and help you achieve your goals. If your event is an educational event, an industry expert will be ideal more than a celebrity speaker because he will help you achieve your goals. If your event is about promoting your products or services which you believe can improve peoples’ lives, an inspirational speaker would be right for you because he or she can pass this message correctly. 

3. Budget
When planning an event, it all comes down to having a budget. This essentially means that you must know your budget for the speaker. Picking the best and brightest speaker from around the world would be nice, but event budgets usually can’t stretch this far.
Celebrity or high profile speakers are usually not the best options, even if your budget can allow you to hire them. You shouldn’t concentrate on the status or draw; instead, look for a relevant speaker for your event. To come up with a budget; you can start by calling around the agencies to find out their rates for high-quality speakers. This will give you a better idea of the cost of hiring a speaker and what you can get within your budget. Just ensure that you hire a speaker that fits within your budget. 

4. Speaker diversity
Diversity means diverse opinions, more meaningful debate, sexual orientation, and an overall progression of ideas, etc. If you select a speaker from different backgrounds, whether it’s his religion, gender, race, and sexual orientation, you can develop a more engaging and experience for your audience.  A keynote speaker should be more diversify when it comes to events and conferences. 

5. Check out the testimonials or references
If the speaker is legit, he or she should have references. The references can give you an honest reflection of the speaker. You should also pay attention to the testimonials from past clients.