If you are looking for a home in the United States, you should consider moving to the beach. Click here to learn about the best beach towns to live in.

There is something compelling about a coastal town. With its boardwalk, sandy beaches, and delightfully laid back atmosphere, there are more than enough towns just like this to go around. Lucky for you, we have compiled a list of the ten best beach towns to live in across the country. 

Nags Head North Carolina
This sleepy seaside town has long been a haven for East Coast surfers. It remains a great place to get seafood, as it is so close to the Gulf Stream, and watch the sunset on the tallest sand dune on the East Coast.

Saugatuck Michigan
What Provincetown is to Mass, Saugatuck is to Michigan. A tourist trap through and through during the summer, it still manages to maintain a charming small-town feel all year long. 

Cannon Beach, Oregon 
While not ideal for laying out and working on your tan, the rugged Pacific Northwest Coastline is a dream for other beachy activities, like exploring tide pools and hiking. Or, if you aren't outdoorsy, why not check out the shops and galleries of local artists. 

Rincón, Puerto Rico
Another hotspot for surfers, but this time with a strong Caribbean vibe. But don't think it is just for surfers. People also come for the gorgeous sunsets and stellar whale watching. 

Ocean Springs, Mississippi
This small, quirky town is perfect for those searching for an artsy retreat. Packed full of unique galleries, lively bars, and restaurants for every palate. Plus, there are enough remote barrier islands to give Florida a run for its money. 

Virginia Beach, Virginia
Once a holiday destination for middle-class families has recently developed quite the local art scene. So, now there is a younger, hipper feeling to the once sleepy town.

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
Famous for its golf courses, great boardwalks, and great resort feeling, it is also a great place to experience coastal living at its finest. With more than sixty miles of beaches, you can find something for everyone, busy spots to people-watch or secluded out of the way places to relax alone.

Ocean City, Maryland
80's nostalgia is in. So, why not embrace it with this coastal town which seems to be stuck permanently there. There are even plenty of great cover bands and beach motels to take you back to your youth.

Haleiwa, Oahu, Hawaii
What list of the best beach towns to live in would be complete without at least one Hawaiian entry? Part of the appeal of this North Shore town is that it isn't overrun with tourists. However, it is the entry to some of the best surfing on the Island. So, be warned, when the surf is good, the town will be packed with surfers.

Santa Barbara, California
While it may have suffered a bit in recent years between wildfires and mudslides, this Southern California gem is getting back on its feet. With new hotels and restaurants popping up all over the place, not to mention some the best, and often underrated, wine the Golden State has to offer, it is easy to see why people fall in love with this Pacific Coast treasure.

The Best Beach Towns to Live In
With over 12,000 miles of coastline, it is easy to see why there are so many choices when it comes to the best beach towns to live in. While these are just some of our favorites, there are bound to be others worth exploring.

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