Raising your kids is not an easy job as parents, especially in this age where access to everything is on your fingertip. And this easy access is the main reason that drug abuse has become very common in our society. Parents need to be extra vigilant as their kids turn 13 or 14 because it’s the age when they start exploring society and new aspects of life. If you are already late and your kid has become addicted already then you must instantly go for Turning Point Drug and Alcohol Treatment. Here we are going to tell the habits which serve as the early signs that your teenager kid is now thinking about drugs.

He Gets Irritated When You Call Him Kid
A kid wants to grow up as soon as possible, and as he turns 13, he starts feeling that he’s not a kid anymore. When the kid enters high school, it’s the time when he wants to prove himself as a fully grownup man. He tries different things to show his mates that he’s no more a kid and drug consumption can be one such thing.

If you find out that your kid gets irritated when you call him a kid, and he even argues that he’s no more a kid, you need to know why he feels so. What has he done which makes him feel like he’s no more a kid? It’s not necessary that he took drug, but you can’t neglect that thought. You need to investigate and try to spend more time with him and try to teach him the bad impacts of drugs and alcohol.

He’s Asking for More Money on a Regular Basis
Drugs are not free, and if your kids have suddenly started to ask for more money on regular basis, it can be an alarming sign. Asking for money is not bad but asking it on regular basis can be pointing towards something fishy. You must try to know where he’s spending his money. The better idea is to apply for a subsidiary Credit Card for your teenager and give it to him rather than paying him the cash directly. It will help you keep an eye on where he’s spending.

He Suddenly Has a Strange Looking Elder Friend
If you observe that your kid suddenly started meeting a new friend on almost regular basis and at almost the same time, you need to follow him especially when this new friend is not of his age and even not from his school or college. It won’t take long if he’s getting drugs from that new friend if you will follow carefully. But keep in mind, becoming extra doubtful and breaking into your kid’s privacy is also not a good thing because if he finds out that you were spying on him, he may get rebellious and that may lead the situation to somewhere you didn’t want to.

You have to learn more about these habits and keep a close eye on your kid’s routine. You can’t simply set them free to do whatever because it’s not an age where you can afford to do so.