Recently a pattern seems to be developing involving movement from a questionable market environment to a more fully developed and controlled ecosystem. United Markets Capital is a company that is succeeding with its goal of sustained growth in the independent broker market. 

This is company known as a successful online broker that is growing quickly. Its achievements have not been recognized for a long time. Many individuals who learn about United Market Capital want to know how the company sets itself apart from the various online brokers operating in the market. The co-CEO of United Markets Capital is David Goldberg. During a recent interview, he provided some important details about the company.


During the interview, it was revealed by David that the main thing responsible for setting United Markets Capital apart from its competition is its state-of-the-art technology. He took the time to further explain how the company has strategically placed these tools in a position that makes it possible for its managers to handle risk efficiently and effectively. This is a successful method for helping traders obtain a better return on investment (ROI). United Capital Markets is a company that understands how technology enables traders to easily perform cross-platform data analysis. This is a way for traders to quickly determine the best possible trades. People need to realize the company's technology is utilized by all of its brokers. This makes it possible for them to place an order at any time they desire and to place it from anywhere.

Customer Service 

The company utilize the latest technology, and David explained it also provides its customers with superior customer service. He states, the traders appreciate the company's customer service. Many think it is out of this world. The company's customer service is available to help traders no matter what the time of day or night. All their employees who work in customer service are well trained. These are customer service workers with years of experience providing the best possible customer service to the company's customers. There is another area of the company that should be mentioned. It is the dedicated account manager model of United Markets Capital. The company has developed a unique model designed to manage its traders. It is a model that has resulted in the company gaining global recognition.

Dedicated Account Manager

There is a dedicated account manager assigned to every trader. It does not matter the type of account. This makes it possible to have a correct match between experienced traders and ones that are just beginning. It's the attitude of the traders that best managed by the dedicated account manager. This makes it possible for them to work with increased control over invested funds. The traders can leverage all the special opportunities they are offering. This is something often only available to premium account holders.

Beginning Trader Mistakes

During the interview, co-CEO David Goldberg also spoke about the worst mistakes a beginning trader can make in the market. A surprising revelation is how it is not uncommon for traders to not wait until they have sufficient knowledge before, they go right into trading. It is also eye-opening how many of them obtain their information concerning the market from sources that are just plain wrong. This includes blogs run and operated only for the purpose of making money and more. Too many times a beginning trader will not let themselves have an adequate amount of time to properly monitor a market. This often results in a trader who goes in and out of a trade too early.

It is accepted that United Markets Capital is a company that will be around for a long time into the future. The company's management realizes the market will continue to maintain its steady growth for many years. United Markets Capital is determined to remain at the center of the industry for its entire growth process.