Your friends have just got married and moved into their new home, so you’re looking for a perfect present that’ll be both stylish and practical at the same time? Look no further because we’re here to help you out! Here are five awesome wedding gift ideas for couples who have just moved in together, so check them out and get down to business!

New bedding to refresh the bedroom
Getting the newly-weds brand new bedding is always a great idea, especially if they have just started to live together and moved into their new home. Needless to say, stocking up on bedding can get quite expensive, and that is exactly why the majority of couples will appreciate such a fantastic gift. Of course, there’s nothing wrong about sleeping on affordable 200-thread count sheets that can be found in any bigger store, but you know what? 800-thread count Egyptian cotton is a true lifesaver, so surprise the couple with luxurious, silky-soft sheets and you’ll see what true happiness and gratefulness look like!

Quality pots and pans
Yes, we know that it sounds way too predictable, but the fact is that quality pots and pans are essential in any home – modern or traditional. This is also true even if the newly-weds have been living together before the marriage and have a fully stocked kitchen, so get quality Scanpan cook ware such as an Axis Covered Chefs sauté pan. Such an item is safe for all energy sources, including induction, and the best thing about it is the fact that it’s energy-friendly, which means that it requires only low-to-medium heat. Its permanently secured stainless steel handles make this pan extremely easy to use, whereas a dome glass lid with a stainless steel knob adds a touch of elegance to the meal-preparation process. Does it get better than that? We don’t think so!
A super-useful coffee machine
On the other hand, if you know that the newly-weds are huge coffee lovers who can’t imagine their mornings without this precious liquid, we must say that a coffee machine is undoubtedly the best wedding gift you can get! Everyone is raving about Nespresso coffee machines these days and reasons for that are more than good. First of all, it’s very easy to use – the only thing they need to do is to pick a coffee capsule, load the machine, press the button, and wait for a couple of minutes for their coffee to be made. Once the handle is lifted, the capsule will be automatically ejected. As simple as that! Trust us when we say that the coffee-loving newly-weds will adore this wedding gift.

A set of matching monogrammed robes
Is there anything cuter and more romantic than a husband and wife who wear matching outfits? Well, there actually is – a couple who wears matching monogrammed robes, so don’t wait any longer and order this fabulous gift for the newly-weds. If you want to make your gift even more original and thoughtful, you should make sure to find out as much as you can about the overall home décor in their new house. This is important if you want the robes to match the dominant color palette in their home, so that the couple can cozy up, cuddle, and relax whenever they want to. However, if you think that robes aren’t their cup of tea, you can opt for matching pajamas or monogrammed towels instead. These are also an amazing idea!
Classic yet so cool barware
Even though it’s highly unlikely that the newly-weds will use stainless steel cocktail shakers and strainers, crystal decanters, and those complicated corkscrews on a daily basis, we must say that these make a fabulous wedding gift. First of all, this kind of gift lasts forever, which is exactly because they won’t use them so often. Besides that, we must all agree that a fully stocked bar simply screams adulthood, which is another good reason to get cool barware and surprise the happy couple with some cool cocktail shakers and other must-have tools!
As you can see, there really are so many wonderful wedding gift ideas for couples who have just moved into their new home, and these five are the best ones you should take into consideration. Apart from being extremely useful and practical, each of these gifts is a great addition to any home. You won’t make a mistake whichever you choose, so pick it according to the newly-weds’ personal preferences and you’ll do a great job!