The concept of trying to balance work can be something that people struggle to do. There is always going to be something that is going to upset the balance of your work and home life. At times there will be projects that call for longer hours. This can cause conflict with a piano recital or any type of extracurricular activity that your children are engaging in. This brings about a debate on how one can balance their time at work against the time that they spend at home.

Quality Work

One of the biggest things that can hinder the time that you spend away from work is the time that you spend doing less than high quality work. If you are someone that is getting to work late and rushing through a project it is easy to overlook something that you're working on. This happens during the course of your day because you may find yourself making a lot of mistakes and doing things over. This will inevitably make your day longer. It can even result in staying late to fix issues that you have caused during the day by failing to take the time to overlook the work that you are doing. The goal should always be to engage in delivering high-quality work when you are on the clock. Working less makes you more productive, but this is only true when you are taking time to deliver quality work.

Fewer Hours

The balance of work and home is something that a lot of people struggle with. They get to their jobs and spend eight hours of their day doing much less than 8 hours of work. There’s so much water cooler talk. People become idle on social media sites. There are so many things that conflict with the actual work day in terms of productivity. This to lead people into a place where they are putting in long hours at the job, but they are not doing any more than a person may be doing that was working 2 to 3 hours during the day. It is very possible that employees find themselves in the 80/20 rule where 80% of their productivity is found in 20% of the work that they do. If this is the case it is definitely time to consider working fewer hours.


People that work from home have the ability to be more productive if they have an office that cuts out distractions. Less time is going to be spent commuting to work. This also means that water cooler talk is eliminated because they are not spending a whole day at the job talking with other employees. There are so many things that can be eliminated when people are working from home. It is true that the internet can be a distraction for those that let themselves get taken down that road, but workers that login at home should consider how smoother their day would go when they simply log in and start working. When they cut out the internet distractions they have the ability to focus on the job at hand. They can do everything that they need to do within the course of a couple hours. This allows them to free up so much time that they would have spent at the office lounging around in the break room and having conversations that did not increase their workload for the day.

People that want to be more productive at work must realize that it is not about working more hours. It is more so about working the actual hours that you are at the job. When you do this you put your time and energy into the task at hand. You are not constantly checking your phone or having conversations that are not pertaining to work. You are not taking extended breaks in the break room. What you are doing instead is working vigorously to lighten your workload.