There are two things that make you look more irresistible instantly. And both of them are very easy to achieve. If you make your teeth look straighter and whiter, your face brightens up. If you add a nice tan into the equation the end result will be unbelievable.
You can make your teeth look white and perfect by adding a small porcelain cover to each tooth. These are called veneers and is the best-kept secret of many celebrities.
There’s an increasing number of British that goes on a holiday to get their Veneers in Turkey, where they are investing in the best facilities and doctors in the world. And it’s a hot country so your tan is almost guaranteed.
Determine why you look bad
When you look at your old photos there are some pictures of yourself that you love and some that you don’t like. Look at both and determine what is it that makes you look good and what makes you look bad. Identifying these give you an idea of what is to improve and what is to highlight.
Some postures make you look irresistible and others that do the opposite. Most people tend to look better with their head slightly to an angle instead of facing front.
Be aware of this and try not to think of anything else when the pictures are being taken, as we do small gestures without taking notice, usually as a reflection of what we’re thinking.
You need to be extremely careful about the illumination since the quality of the images is closely related. The brighter it is the easier it will be to get a great portrait.
Good lighting should be white and shining from the front at different angles to avoid shadows. Especially those shadows cast by your face when illuminated from a side, which not only makes you look uglier but also makes the image darker and that itself makes your picture less attractive.
Smile naturally
There’s nothing brighter in a bright image than a shiny smile. We can’t stress enough how powerful a good smile could be. It may determine the outcome of many of your social and professional interactions.
A good smile is not only aesthetically pleasing but it also transmits feelings. Hence it is very important that you mean the smile you put on when you take your picture.
If you don’t mean the smile people can tell straight away that you are faking the smile. A fake smile, even if you have perfect teeth, will present you as a liar and unreliable.
You must transmit emotion with your grin. For this purpose, it helps to practice in front of a mirror. Notice how you smile with your whole face and not just your lips.
Slowly you’ll be able to feel the difference between a natural smile, with most of the facial muscles while transmitting emotion, and a fake one, with just the area around the mouth bending without any sentiment.
You can improve the way you look with these tips in a matter of minutes. These tricks can go a long way and will improve the way that you look at your portraits, but it will also change the way people perceive you. If you still don’t feel comfortable with your teeth and you’re feeling insecure you might want to think about dental treatments, but these are definitely worth a try.