The Harvard Business Review declares that face to face meetings are 34 times more impactful than simply having a conversation through an electronic medium. Probably this is one of the main reasons why many businesses today seek out corporate travel to meet new clients, enter new markets, study new demographics, and develop long-distance relationships with partners and collaborators. 

The world’s current economy, according to IMF’s latest report, consists of 193 economies that contribute towards a Gross World Product (GWP) of around $88.08 trillion as of 2019. This includes around 200 million business entities around the planet, all of them which seek profitable means of sustaining themselves. Though thousands upon thousands of businesses register themselves on a daily basis few of them even get to see the end of their initial year of operations. This is why many corporations travel across borders to look for breakthroughs that can offer them success against barriers. Furthermore, in the US alone around 462 million travelers took domestic business trips in a year. Hence there should be no doubt that for an entrepreneur or ring leader of your trade you should consider looking favorably towards traveling for your venture in the near future. In this post however we would like to offer you some great suggestions as to what features and facilities you should ask your corporate travel agency to make your visits more convenient and enjoyable. So read along as we take a quick look at each one of them:

Astounding Lodgings & Stay-Ins

There is simply no question about the fact that when you are traveling for business, the whiplash is more intensely felt and your muscles do get sore and tire up more easily. This is all due to the psychological and physical pressure of the work itself as well as meeting up with planned goals and objectives that constantly serve as a pressurizing reminder throughout the trip. Therefore it becomes mandatory for you to recover from them in a comfy and relaxing accommodation that is being offered to you while you are away from your home city. Business travelers would often expect to have the following conveniences provided to them by the hotels that they have booked with and currently staying in:

Super-fast wireless internet connectivity.
Spick and span washrooms and bathing areas.
Outstandingly furbished rooms with absolute privacy.
Entertainment and relaxation facilities such as spas, TV lounges, games room, gyms, etc.
Prompt housekeeping services and customer support at all times, around the clock, 24/7.
Accommodations to hold private meetings with clients and business partners.
Terrific food that is healthy, hygienic, delicious, and nutritious at the same time. 

Loyalty Bonuses, Packages, & Reward System

Corporate travel agencies always seek out those business travelers that like to make frequent trips. While this may sound like another way to rack up those sales figures for themselves, on the bright side they offer you with some amazing loyalty bonuses and rewards. One of the most common ways that this work is that they offer you “More For Less”. They can ask you to pay more to receive otherwise expensive add-ons for your entire trip that would have never fit inside your stringent budgets, or they could provide you with considerable discounts on services and other amenities already available to you to make them more pocket-friendly. These reward systems can go as far as allowing you to pay nearly 50% of your entire trip through the reward points themselves and stack up some more to make your accommodations and other facilities become cheaper for you to manage.

Adequate Modes of Inner City Commutations

A business trip might necessitate that you visite sites, market places, and other points of interest to have a deeper understanding of how things work. When such is the case scenario, you might require suitable means of transportation that are more private than Uber and fairly convenient than simply taking a bus or a subway. Therefore agencies often offer you hired transportation services with drivers that are professionally trained along with up to date and properly maintained vehicles. These company maintained vehicles offer you premium inner-city travel that is safe and comfortable. Their skillful and trained professionals also offer you the swiftest way to reach from point A to point B as many of them know the routes well and have them memorized on their fingertips. They are not only punctual but also make sure that your trips around the city are managed with as little nuisance as possible.

Travel Guides (Optional)

As a bonus feature, some business travel agencies might offer you a travel guide to facilitate you throughout your visit. They might also serve as your primary interpreters where you might be visiting a place that offers you with substantial language barriers to communicate with the locals. Travel guides, however, do come at a price as they have extensive training and skills which they charge for separately. Nevertheless if you have an option that sounds feasible for you then you might take it. They are quite knowledgeable especially when it comes to the workings of the city or place where you are visiting. Most of them are local born, having spent the major portion of their lives exploring the city. Thus their insights can be quite entertaining as well as informative simultaneously for both your business and personal pleasure. Travel guides are exceptionally courteous and know when not to bother you and stand out of your way to make their presence less of an annoyance for you. Hence they act as a tremendous add-on for your trip as you might learn more from them than other people that you might meet on your trip. 

We hope this post was able to offer you some great understanding as to what types and kinds of facilities you must always request from your corporate travel agencies. A little research and brainstorming for the most suitable option can eventually save you from a ton of cognitive dissonance that results from a poor decision on your part. Hence the moral over here is to always look for the most suitable and best option when it comes to business-related travel. For more questions and queries regarding the topic please feel free to let us know of your feedback in the comment section below.