Until they are at least one year old, babies spend approximately 14 to 16 hours a day sleeping. This might leave you wondering which sleeping positions are good for your baby, especially if you are a new parent.
Putting a baby to sleep on their back is one of the safest sleeping position. However, laying your baby on their back for too long can make them fuss. Therefore you need to change their sleeping position from time to time. 

Below are some tips to help you decide on the most comfortable sleeping positions for your baby:

When travelling
As a parent, you always seek the best and safest option to get your baby to sleep. This is no exception when travelling with your baby in the car. 

Having a car seat for your baby is the number rule to keeping your baby safe when on the road. In addition to that, the baby seat should be rear-facing. This is the law.

Rearward facing baby seats maximise their safety during travel. In case of an accident, a rear-facing car seat will reduce the impact the crash will have on your child’s neck and head.

Babies that roll over at night
On average babies four to six months old children are more likely to roll over during their sleep. After the rolling over, you will realise that they prefer to sleep on their stomach. 

Even better, children who rollover will mostly sense when they are not comfortable during their sleep, reducing their chances of experiencing Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). 

Therefore, you should not panic if your baby rolls over during their sleep. However, always make sure you place them on their back and let them decide their next sleeping position after rolling over.

Sleeping position for newborn babies
Laying on the back is the best sleeping position for infants. SIDS is a common cause of infant deaths in most countries. Laying your baby on their back is the recommended position for preventing SIDS. 

Your newborn baby will breathe in more oxygen and get rid of less carbon dioxide when sleeping on their stomach.

Infants have underdeveloped brains. This explains why they might not be able to change their positions in case of a situation that compromises their well-being during their sleep. 

Parents to newborn babies should always observe their babies sleeping position to ensure their safety. 
Babies over twelve months old
Most children will be already crawling, rolling over, kicking or even twisting by the time they are twelve months old. If your baby is doing any of that, it means they are in a position to turn or flip during their sleep. 

Do not worry about your baby sleeping on their stomach if their muscles are strong enough for them to turn without any difficulties.

At this age, your child will easily change their sleeping position if they get uncomfortable. Most sleeping positions are safe for children who have already turned one year old. 

However, it is still advised that you place your child on their back and let them decide the sleeping position that is comfortable for them. Let them lie on their tummy if they like it. 

As adults, we all vary in what sleeping position we find the most comfortable, same to in children. 

Image Pexels License CCO