Weighted blankets are gaining traction in recent times but they have been very much present earlier and were being used to help particularly special needs community. Weighted blankets are regarded as ground-breaking and innovative products for assisting people with autism and such other issues. It could be quite challenging to buy the right weighted blanket for your purpose. Let us explore some of the common questions to ask before deciding to buy a weighted blanket.

Q1. What Should Be the Ideal Weight of the Weighted Blanket?

The very first step in purchasing a weighted blanket involves determining the blanket’s right weight for your purpose. If you are buying the weighted blanket for yourself, you must apply a general rule and choose a blanket that weighs just 10% of your exact body weight. For instance, you weigh 150 pounds, it is best to choose a 15 pound blanket for perfect results. Likewise, if you are almost 200 pounds, you must opt for a blanket that weighs just 20 pounds as that should be a perfect fit for you.

As per https://www.forbes.com, a weighted blanket seems to be typically sized to a person, implying it would not essentially be a substitute for your existing comforter. The objective of the weighted blanket is to provide soft and even pressure to your entire body hence; it seems to be more effective and useful when it is snug-fit. However, weighted blankets that match usual mattresses are also available in the market today. 

If you are thinking about buying a calming or weighted blanking, you must be careful about the size you choose. In this context, you must know that weighted blankets for adults come in 10, 15, 20, or even 25 pounds. Weighted blankets for children are relatively lighter and start around just 5 pounds. 

Are You Looking for a Weighted Blanket with Plastic Pellets or Glass Beads?

While shopping around for weighted blankets, you would come across two types either glass beads or plastic poly pellets. Glass beads are just like grains of sand and are supposed to be heavier as compared to the plastic pellets. As glass beads are relatively smaller, they would be taking up less space, hence, the finished weighted blanket looks thinner as compared to the ones with plastic poly pellets. As plastic poly pellets are relatively bigger, the weighted blankets containing them would tend to look bigger and thicker. Plastic pellets prove to be less expensive as compared to glass beads.

Does A Weighted Blanket Necessarily Have Any Removable Cover?

Washing weighted blankets could prove to be quite a rough and tough task since they are supposed to be quite heavy. For weighted blankets that weight over 10 pounds, it is best to use a commercial dryer and washer. It is not essential for your weighted blanket to have a soft removable cover. However, if you do not want your weighted blanket to be spoiled because of spillage, stains, or even pet fur, it is best to buy a weighted blanket with a soft removable cover. Remember you need to choose from cotton covers that are available in the market.


Once you get the perfect answers to the above questions, go ahead with the purchase of your weighted blankets as per your unique requirements.