Not all curly hair is created equal. If you have curly hair you will know that all curls are different, some dangle, some hang, some are wavy, and some are frizzy. You will also know that the weather has an effect on the appearance of your curls. Humid weather results in lots of frizz while drier climates dry out the beautiful curls, leaving them looking dull. 

Not only do all these curls look different but the texture varies as well, the wavy curls feel very different from the tight ringlets. The density is also differs ranging from thick to thin curls. The challenge for those with curly hair is to try to understand the type of curly they have. It is important to know the type of curls so that they can learn how to manage them, chose the best products and ultimately make the most from their beautiful bouncy curls.   

Below we outline the different types of curly hair, how you can style them and what products are going to work best for your hair type.


Type 2 - Wavy Curl Type

If you have this curly hair type, your hair will make a distinctive S shape. Wavy hair is more prone to sheen than straight hair and the wavier the hair becomes the less sheen it will have. There are 3 various types of curls within this main hair type, some will have a small s while others will have a more distinguishing S. The first type of Wavy Curl often gets mistaken for straight hair because the S has a very slight bend. The other 2 types have a much more defined S shape, making the curl much more distinguishable. Wavy hair like this tends to be less dry than the types that are curlier. This is because the sebum has more chance to travel down the hair from the scalp. When caring for this type of hair chose products that provide weightless moisture so that the curls aren’t weighed down. A product like Suave Coconut Milk Deep Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner is perfect for wavy hair girls, it saturates the hair with moisture and creates a healthy look. Styling is easy but type B and C are more resistant to styling. Coat your curls with gel and scrunch the hair up using your hands, hairdryer or even a paper towel. Keep your hands out of your hair as much as possible because the more you tousle the hair the more likely it is to frizz.  

Type 3 - Curly Curl Type

This type of curl ranges from the classic curls to the smaller, tighter corkscrew type curls. If you look at a strand of this hair, you will see a very defined S shape pattern. These curly curls are all a lot drier than the wavy curl types and are also prone to frizz. 

This type of hair is also predisposed to damage and if it is not looked after correctly then it will result in dull curls. Hydration is very important to this hair type and it will dominate your hair care routine, you should be moisturising Curly Curls daily. Chose products that hydrate the hair well, this will also help to manage the frizz. 

The shampoo in the TRESemme Smoothing Collection will cleanse the hair and quietens the frizz while the conditioner will hydrate. When styling curly curls use a strong styling spray like the TRESemme Curl Locking Spray, this will set the curls and help fight humidity which increases frizz. This type of girl can be the most temperamental to work with and if too many styling products are applied the curls will look greasy and weighed down. If you apply too little products the hair will frizz uncontrollably 

Type 4 - Coily Curl Type

These curls are extremely springy and range from slightly coiled to kinky zigzag. This curly hair type can get very dry, especially the zig-zag type. Coily curls are also the most prone to break, it is the most delicate of all hair types. The springy nature of this hair type means that it shrinks more than any other hair type. 

There are hairstyles that embrace the fact that the hair shrinks or alternatively there are natural ways to stretch the hair out, like braid and twist outs. These curls can also be thick in texture which makes tangling a common problem. Caring for this type of hair involves hydrating products and detangling products as well as styling products. 

Keeping coily curls moisturized is key to helping to limit tangling. Women with coily curls need to use a shampoo that feeds their hair while cleansing. It is important to choose a conditioner that will be instantly absorbed by the hair without making the hair feel heavy.  The Dove Quench Absolute Collection is a great choice that helps to moisturize the hair. 

During the winter months, this hair is prone to get even drier. Hair masks work well during these periods to add moisture back to the hair. Masks provide deep moisture and rehydrate the curls. 

When styling this hair, it is important to make sure the curls are tangle-free. There are leave-in detanglers like the Dove Quench Absolute Leave-In Detangler that help to detangle and make the curls more manageable to be styled. 

Once detangled, add a gel that defines and controls curls while also taming the frizz. You can wash and go with this type of girl, use a diffuser on your hairdryer to dry hair if you want to create this type of look. Air dry twist outs and braids out if possible and then fluff out and release.

Now that you are able to work out what hair type you have you are able to care for it properly and make sure that you use the correct styling products to make the most of those gorgeous curls. Caring for your curls no longer has to be frustrating or difficult.

Which one of these styles do you have?