Be sure to score the tickets you want by getting in early before others. Here are 7 tips to get presale concert tickets.

Music events generate a whopping $15,611 million in revenue each year in the United States alone. 
We love live music as a nation and that sometimes makes it difficult to get the tickets you want sometimes. Have you missed out on concerts due to popularity before? The best way to make sure you see your favorite artist is to get yourself pre-sale concert tickets the clever way.

That's why we're giving you our top tips for bagging yourself presale concert tickets and beating the crowd. Stay tuned...

7 Tips to Getting Presale Concert Tickets
We caught up with Presale.Codes to ask them how to get our hands on presale concert tickets. They told us that there are 7 ways that most people can get their hands on tickets before everyone else does:

1. Ticketmaster Presale
The first port of call for all music fans is to make sure you're signed up with Ticketmaster's email offers. This ticket sales powerhouse has you covered when it comes to most of the major events you'll want to go to. You just need to make sure you're on their mailing list.

If you're not already then all you have to do is this:

Log in to My Account and select: My Account > Select Alerts or Offers.

It’s that simple! After you sign up, make sure to “favorite” all the artists, performers, and venues that you love. That way they can deliver tailored information about upcoming presales to you in the future.

2. VIP Presale
If you're willing to invest a little more in your concert then you're sure to find your tickets easier. Why not up the ante at your next concert and feel like a VIP with a luxury package. 

When you’re searching for concert tickets, be sure to look for any VIP packages on offer for the event. These exclusive packages might go on sale prior to the general ticket inventory. You get early, secure tickets and the experience of a lifetime with the VIP treatment. 

Many VIP packages include premium seats and food and drink packages, so you pay more but everything is taken care of. 

3. Venue Presale
One often-overlooked way to get early access to your favorite music is to sign up with all of your local or preferred venues.

The venues also host presales so by signing up for their email list, you find out when, where and how. You can do this by signing up for their newsletters.

4. Credit Card Presale
These days many credit card companies such as American Express and Citibank offer their cardholders special presale access. The perks of being a loyal customer! You should also check with your credit card company to find out if they offer any benefits when purchasing live entertainment events.

Again this comes down to being on a newsletter - you're going to get good at checking your inbox if you want to catch a bargain.

5. Fan Club Presale
Are you a superfan? If the answer’s yes, then you should think about becoming a member of the official fan club or community for your favorite band or artist. Typically, fan club members are rewarded for their loyalty with presale access to their fav artists’ shows as a perk.

You should know that you might have to pay a fee or subscription when joining an artists’ fan club or community. Just make sure too read all the details before signing up!

This is definitely the way to go if you're an avid fan of certain artists but definitely not feasible for every option. You can also buy a fan package sometimes - a little higher in cost but you get the tickets and your membership in one go. 

6. Radio Presale
So many radio stations partner with different tours, events and artists to offer their listeners early access to buy tickets. Listen closely to your normal station or visit the station’s website for details on signing up or buying tickets.

You might even hear competitions to win although these are usually last minute tickets. Normally listen to your own playlist whilst driving? It might be time to switch it up and secure those tickets.

7. Sponsor Deals Presale
Have you ever noticed that certain brands seem to sponsor music events time and time again? If not, you might want to start paying closer attention. 

Major sponsors usually get tickets in advance as part of their contractual agreements. Brands sponsor tours and get substantial ticket allotments. Common sponsors can include the major payment providers, such as American Express and MasterCard like we mentioned earlier. However, lots of brands go down this route.
Sponsors negotiate a block of tickets for their members or audiences as part of their sponsorship deals, especially if they believe there is a crossover in their target audiences.  Examples include Salesforce sponsoring U2 and Xfinity sponsoring Taylor Swift.

Check out who might be sponsoring big events near you or nationally and keep track of trying to sign up to their newsletters to stay ahead of the curve.

Did Our Top Tips Strike a Chord?
It's not as hard as you might think to get your hands on presale concert tickets. You do need to be proactive and consider all of the brands and channels that have access to early deals. 

If you try the seven ways that we mentioned you'll soon be the friend that always seems to have tickets to the best events. You might need to start paying more attention to your email inbox as that's how you're going to find a lot of your deals. 

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