Some people seem to have it all, they are gorgeous, smart and rich. It really seems like those blessed few have nothing to worry about. For most of us, we can bank on having 1 out of 3 of those characteristics. Are you one of the lucky few who wonder why could I have been born rich instead of good looking? Well then we’ve got some ideas for you of how you can make some money.

Yes a model seems like an obvious choice but did you actually know there are different kinds of models then those ones walking on the catwalks?  If you’re not that tall but have a nice personality and are attractive – think about doing commercials or print advertisements.  Truth be told these kinds of models make a ton of money.  Other types of models besides fashion include ones for body parts (like hands) and fitness (if you’re aesthetic).  Oh yeah and last not but not definitely least if you like being your own boss consider Instagram modeling.

As they say nightlife is all about the eye-candy.  If you’re a night-owl and love partying being a host or hostess at a club might be just the right kind of job for you. Your responsibilities include to greet people and help them have a good time. Hosts or Hostesses are usually in charge of things like booking table service, handling guest lists and dealing with the VIPs that come through for the night. If you’re good at your job and working in a place like Las Vegas you can end up really bringing in some good money.

Always dreamed of traveling the world? Think about being a flight attendant. Many airlines employ beautiful people to be part of their team.  Although the job can be taxing at times (serving people for long hours, a random schedule where you have to constantly get used to time differences) the perks are amazing.  Often all meals and places to stay are covered at a nice hotel while you’re in some exotic locale waiting for your next job. If you’re really good at your job, eventually you’ll be serving the ballers in first class where lady luck might help you develop an off-plane relationship.

Ever wanted to find a rich man who just pays for all your whims and desires think of becoming a sugar baby.  Like any job there is a contract (less formal than most) where you have to fulfill certain hours in exchange for your allowance. Curious what being a sugar baby entails? Well its actually quite simple, usually an older man, called a gay sugar daddy (or his straight counterpart) is looking for a relationship with a sugar baby.  Best place to find them are on gay sugar baby dating apps or websites.
You might wonder why is a gay sugar daddy trying to pay for a relationship.  Well to be honest it’s quite simple they are usually super busy men who don’t actually have the time to commit to a real relationship.  What you’re offering them as a sugar baby is the ability to do all the fun things without all the annoying parts of a relationship.  Perks of this kind of opportunity go beyond an allowance into expensive gifts, jewelry and fancy dinners. 

The best place to find quality sugar daddies is probably on one of the gay sugar baby datings apps. Think about it? These guys are super busy so they don’t always have the time to just hang out at bars or other high-end locations that’s why online on one of the gay sugar dating apps or websites make sense. 
First impressions make play such an important role for jobs that involve face-to-face interactions.  In fact according to a study found in Applied Financial Economics named Broker beauty and boon: a study of physical attractiveness and its effect on real estate brokers' income and productivity there seems to be a link between higher house selling value and the attractiveness of the agent who closes the deal. The research indicates that "beauty augments more attractive agents' wages and that more attractive agents use beauty to supplement classic production-related characteristics such as effort, intelligence and organizational skills."  
IF you play your cards right there are a lot of financial opportunities out their for the genetic-blessed. All it takes is a little creativity and soon you can be raking in the money.