A lump sum contract is generally meant for the construction industry that enables reduction in design cost as well as administration costs. The name is rooted from the concept that the contractor is supposed to pay a total and global price instead of bidding on separate entities.

It is regarded as the most recognized contract that will cater to the simple as well as small projects having larger scope. It is also applicable for construction projects where there is minimum risk involved.

Therefore, follow this informative blog to know about the lump-sum construction contracts which will be an impetus for the Commercial Construction.

Requirements of Such Contract
A lump-sum contract comes with the requirement of supplier agreeing to give you specific services for a fixed cost. In regards to the lump-sum contract, it is needless to mention that owner assigns all the risk to the contractor who always seeks for a higher markup intended to take care of the unanticipated occurrence. 

A supplier who has contracted under this lump sum agreement can be held responsible for the perfect job execution. Therefore, he or she will apply now own techniques to fulfill the work.The nature of the contract is generally formulated by calculating the cost of the labor, material, and thereby incorporating a particular amount that will encompass the overhead as well as the profit margin.

The overhead which is calculated under the lump-sum contract will vary on the basis of the builders. But this is solely dependent on the study of the risk assessment a well as labor power. However, if you are formulating a large overhead cost then it will ask the contractor to present higher construction amount in front of the project owner.

When will you Need This Kind of Contract?
A lump-sum contract is valuable contract and holds good only if the prescribed work is outlined properly and the construction drawings are finished. It curbs down the risk of the owner, and as a result the contractor will have more access towards profit expectations.

It can be an ideal choice when the soil condition is stable and the studies, assessments of that particular site is completed. Also, it is perfect when the contractor has completed  the documentation of the Commercial Construction. 

There is a stipulated sum contract which comes into picture during absurd conditions. It covers agreed upon parties as well as certain prices for indefinite quantities as well as allowance.

Major Advantages of Lump Sum Contract: Get Acquainted with the Attributes

A lump sum contract comes with manifold advantages.

1. Low risk to the owner.
2. Reduction in the change orders.
3. Fixed construction costs.
4. Authorization of the owner is minimized while compared to the Time and Material Contract.
5. Contractor will ease down the project.
6. This is widely acclaimed as a contracting method.
7. The analysis of the entire bidding process as well as the selection seems to be quite easy.
8. Contractor can enhance the production as well as the performance.

Drawbacks of Lump Sum Contract: Know Before you Step In
Although, lump sum contract is a stable and viable option for the majority of the contractors, it is accompanied with certain restrictions. Let’s burt into the limitation of such valuable contract serially.

1. It gives the highest risk to the contractor.
2. There are certain changes which becomes cumbersome at times to formulate.
3. It might happen that the owner is rejecting the change order requests.
4. The project requires designing before the start of the activities.
5. Construction progress will take a prolonged period of time other than the contracting alternatives.
6. There are higher contract prices which might lead to unpredicted circumstances.

Final Remark
Hopefully, this article outlines all the major aspects of the lump-sum contract for your Commercial Construction business. Before winding up this article, there are certain things which should be taken into account.

Lump-sum contract covers early completion compensation amount meant for the contractors. It might lead to the larger savings of the project owner. But you don’t have to worry, these clauses will be mentioned clearly on the contract.

This is all about the article. Hopefully we have been able to solve all your doubts now. Furthermore, you can refer to the user guide, to get a quick glance.