First things first: CBD isn’t going to hurt your child or pet. The FDA has actually approved a pharmaceutical version of it for children who suffer from seizures, while veterinarians say it can help dogs with arthritis or anxiety.  

So why does Naturebox label its CBD edibles as not for children? Because there are still plenty of reasons to keep kids and animals from ingesting them. Although we use broad-spectrum CBD, many manufacturers choose full-spectrum — which also contains THC, a psychoactive drug that is strictly for adult use. 
Even if the CBD edibles in question are THC-free, though, they might contain other compounds that aren’t appropriate for pets or young people. Citrus fruits and cherries, which flavor some CBD edibles, are toxic to dogs and cats. CBD energy drinks may contain caffeine, which children are sensitive to. 

What if there’s absolutely nothing in your CBD edibles that might harm kids or pets, both of which have smaller bodies and metabolize CBD differently than adults? They make awfully expensive snacks or dog treats. 

How to Store Your CBD
Whatever your family situation or favorite CBD edibles, protect both by keeping the edibles:

1. Out of view

If there’s one thing pets and children have in common, it’s that they’re insatiably curious. Anything that looks colorful, smells flavorful, or sounds interesting will be investigated. Don’t underestimate your dog or kid’s ability to open doors, either. A drawer with a glass front might seem safe — but a bag that looks like it contains a treat is a powerful incentive.

2. In a high place

Even if you keep your CBD edibles out of view, there’s still a chance your kid or pet will stumble on them. Especially if your son or daughter is still young, place your CBD edibles out of reach. A cabinet above the fridge, a high shelf, or even a nook in the closet might work well. 

3. Locked

Especially if your kid is a climber — or you have a cat and prefer savory edibles — invest in a lock. Some CBD edibles come packaged with a locking cap or child-safe zipper. If yours don’t, put them in a toolbox or other lockable container. 

4. Cool, dark, and dry

This one is more for your CBD than it is your kids or pets: Keep your edibles away from light, moisture, and heat. Not only might exposure to the elements cause them to mold or melt, but it degrades CBD. If you’re going to be storing them for a month or less, dark glass jars are a good choice. If you need to keep them for longer than that, put them in an airtight container in the freezer. 

5. In a container that can’t be chewed through

If you’re a dog owner, you know that anything that can be chewed through will be chewed through. Locks and high cabinets help, but they’re not much good if the edibles aren’t put away immediately after use. If you go with glass jars, make sure they’re not left somewhere they can fall and break. Metal or plastic containers may introduce off-flavors if used for long-term storage, but they should keep Fido out. 

6. Only until the expiration date.

Just like other food items, CBD edibles have expiration dates. Although it’s unlikely popping a CBD chew a week beyond its “use by” date will hurt you, the same might not be true of children or pets. Because they don’t have the same body weight of an adult, kids and pets may be more affected by molds, bacteria, or yeasts that build up on foods that are past their prime. Whatever you paid for the CBD, it isn’t worth risking foodborne illness. 

Part of being a responsible CBD consumer is storing it appropriately. CBD itself may be non-toxic to kids and pets, but there’s no guarantee everything else in the product is safe. So go ahead: Enjoy your edibles. Just don’t forget to put them away afterward.