Insecurity is a kind of an insidious enemy that often doesn’t get the attention it deserves. In the meantime, it sneaks up on you and ruins the most meaningful experiences of your life.

That’s how dangerous insecurities can be, especially when applied to relationships.

Overall, insecurities make for an unhealthy relationship. And the worst thing is that we often don’t realize what it is exactly that’s causing these problems. Here’s how this happens.

How Insecurities Ruin Your Relationships
Do you need your partner to tell you how they feel about you or that they find you attractive or something of this sort all the time? It’s completely normal to want to hear any of these things, but it’s not so good when you require these constant reassurances to validate yourself or your relationship.

These kinds of issues usually stem from personal insecurities tied to low self-esteem. They are also often connected with the lack of confidence in one’s appearance, especially on the intimate level. So, be honest with yourself, do you think that your breasts or dick are too small? Do you think that some part of your body is ugly and that no one can love you because of it?

If that’s the case, how can you trust that this one special person overlooks such a glaring issue and loves you anyway?
This train of thoughts, if you allow it to deteriorate, might result in your loss of trust and no relationship can exist without it.

Other insecurities will trigger slightly different thoughts, but al of them end up with trust issues, so all of them lead to an inevitable relationship collapse.

But does this mean that all insecure people are doomed?

Of course not! We are all insecure at times and that’s okay. What you need here is a healthier way of dealing with these issues than ignoring them and thus letting the negativity fester.

How to Stop Insecurities from Ruining Your Relationship
It seems that the easiest way to deal with insecurities is to confront them directly. For example, in the case of perceived appearance issues listed above, you can try to use natural enhancement techniques or even surgical treatments to “solve” the problem. Solutions like this are widely available today, you can find them on this site for men and here for women. Obtaining your goal should make the insecurity go away and thus, prevent a multitude of personal problems.

However, if the issue goes deeper, as it usually does, the change in appearance will be only a temporary fix. You see, an insecure brain will latch onto some other perceived fault and repeat the whole thing.

Therefore, while exercising to enhance your body might be good for you now, you also need to deal with the root cause of insecurities. This means therapy and some very profound work on your self-confidence.

Confidence is anathema to insecurities, so that’s your key to beating them. Even if some of those things shall remain, when you are confident in yourself and your partner, you will be able to silence those insidious negative thoughts easily.
Today, there is a multitude of techniques that can help one boost their self-confidence. And you should try as many of them as you need to find the one that works for you personally.

But working on yourself isn’t enough. Remember that trust is the basis of any healthy relationship? You need to trust your partner to help you through this.

It’s essential to talk to them about your insecurities and issues so they understand what exactly is happening with you and how it affects your relationship. This is the hardest thing to do, because your insecurities will stop you whispering that your partner will leave you if they see you as “weak”.

The worst thing is that this might actually happen. But if it does, listen well.

They left not because there’s something wrong with you, but because they weren’t worthy of you.