When it comes to gift a present to your significant, it sure seems like the almost impossible task to find the perfect one. You want to find something meaningful, but also something that might be easier to keep it close. When choosing jewelry, it’s time to get name necklace, unlike earrings that might need a lot of selection to undergo the variety of rings which require details about the size.

It might be for your loved one, mother, a sibling, or a beloved friend. If the person plays an important role in your life, she deserves something special. If it truly has to be a surprise, it ought to stand out. You also need to have an idea about the taste in metal your special person holds. You find engraved names in materials like rose gold, gold, platinum, bronze, silver, etc. to have an ultimate impression.

Types of necklaces you can personalize yourself according to the material, shape, font style or size of the name:-

Curved Bar Necklace
Disc engraved name Necklace
Bar Necklace
Infinity Necklace
Heart-Shaped Necklace
Heart and Key Necklace for Couples
Puzzle shaped Necklace

Picture Necklace:

Photo or Picture necklaces are commonly said to be lockets or even dog tag. If you love jewelry, a photo necklace is an all-time classic and a piece of jewelry that must be owned and are best used as birthday gifts, wedding gifts or as a memory. There is an extended list of textures, shapes, styles, new and old, blue and gold, round and heart-shaped, all perfect for anyone and a beautiful gesture to keep your loved one close to yourself or to gift it to your loved ones.

In the older times, photo necklaces were widely worn by women, generally made out of gold or silver locket which holds the photo of their husband or offspring. The locket not only kept the precious picture safe but also allowed it to be kept a secret. Indeed, carrying a photo necklace also became a trend later on, and it used to be worn as mourning jewelry that ascertains a personal story of the owner.

Today, a photo necklace is, however, quite contrasting. You have an open choice of size, shape, style, color, and design. You can also personalize or even engrave the picture with your name or initials on the necklace. It can also be further decorated with gems, diamonds, enamel or beautify the material to enhance it. Get your loved one a Gnn photo necklace and let your sentiment value reach her heart.

The best part about a necklace is that whenever or wherever you are, you can show how important your special person is to you, and you miss them on every step you take. It is totally up to you to wear a locket how it used to be worn in the older times i.e. picture hidden within or to just engrave the photo right on the material. Some types of styles are stated below:-

Picture locket – Heart Pendants
Round Vintage Flower Pendants
Tag pendants
Moroccan Carved Pendants
Oval shaped – flower craved pendants