More and more homeowners are now using the patio as their main venue for entertainment. They are now dragging out their best couches, lighting and other home improvement items at the patio for more comfortable accommodations. Of course, no entertainment is complete without a great television set: LED, LCD, plasma TV. 

That is going to be the highlight of the patio’s entertainment—whether for you, personally, or when you host social gatherings. Just make sure you have the appropriate outside TV cover by Garnetics and other reputable brands to protect your main entertainment system.

First, why should you move entertainment at the patio? Actually, you can keep the living room as your relaxation haven, but the home could never have enough entertainment areas, right? The great thing about the patio is that it is open-air and you can breathe in fresh air, which will do wonders for your health. So it is not just an “in” thing, it is actually a healthy thing to do. 

Secondly, entertainment is just different outdoors because you and your family or friends can be as raucous as you want. When sports championship is on or an award show, you can root for your favorite team or person and cheer at their victory or jeer at their defeat. Of course, there is just one thing you need for that: a large flat screen—nothing less than 55 inches. Of course, you will need weatherproof protection for that entertainment system. 

Thirdly, entertainment will not be complete without great food. Barbecue is the best spread for social gatherings because it is easy to prepare. Of course, the patio is the perfect space for a barbecue. You can enjoy your grilled steak, burgers or sausages while enjoying the plasma television. The setup wouldn’t be complete without practical furniture. Here are some ideas from Forbes on how you can spruce up that patio for barbecues. 

Since the television is the obvious star of the patio social gathering, you should know how to take care of outdoor TV screens. You have to understand that your indoor television is not going to be appropriate for the outdoors. Outdoor TV screens are built to survive the outdoor elements like dust, weather and natural sounds. Of course, just because they are created to be more heavy duty than regular TV sets, it doesn’t mean that outside TV covers are no longer necessary. Outdoor televisions still need outdoor TV covers in order to last for a long time.

Here are the best materials for patio TV covers to protect your television sets:

1. Oxford vinyl 

You want a TV cover that will not only protect your boob tube from harsh weather conditions, you also want one that will prevent scratches. Garnetics outside TV covers are made of the Oxford vinyl with rubber internal coating. The interior is meant protect the screens from possible scratches especially when there are children around and flying objects are inevitable. As for the exterior, it is great at providing year-round protection, which means that it can protect the television from the heat of the sun during summer months, the cold and the snow during winter, the chill during autumn and shower during rainy season. 

2. Marine fabric

When you say marine-grade, you know it’s long-lasting and durable. Well, there is a marine-grade fabric that will work well as a TV cover. This type of material will protect any equipment from dust, heat, mildew and snow. When it comes to an outdoor TV cover, the aptly named brand The Original TV Coverstore surely knows what material would best protect television that could be situated not just in the patio but also near the pool or outdoor tub where splashes could potentially reach the TV. The interior of the cover is also lined with non-scratch fabric to protect the screen from possible scratches. The cover will work just as well with TVs that are freestanding or those on wall mounts. The Original TV Coverstore also thought of the design a great deal because the TV cover has an interior remote control pocket. People don’t realize this but this is actually very important as remote controls are very easily misplaced. 

3. Premium material with Velcro straps

A material that is labeled high quality and premium will surely exceed your expectation. It will protect your television from harsh elements like the wind, rain, snow and dust. The Velcro straps will make it easier for you to set up the cover because this means that there is ease in movement and it can be easily closed. The advantage of this is you can adjust how tight or loose you want the TV cover to be. You should not keep it too loose, though, so that there will be no room for any of the harsh elements to conquer your TV. You also can’t leave it to tight because this won’t leave any room for the TV screen to breathe. In the case of Kolife K Life outdoor TV cover, it has soft interiors so that the cover itself will not scrap the screen. 

Don’t leave TV exposed, always cover with outside TV covers

Outdoor television sets are fairly more expensive than their indoor counterparts. This makes sense as they are made to be more versatile when it comes to weather changes, and the audio also needs to be better than the indoor ones considering the environment sounds from nature and man-made machines. In general, television is sensitive to dust, moisture and mildew, which is why they need to be thoroughly protected. Not only that, since we are talking about the outdoors, your television will have to possibly contend with bird droppings as well. So, protect your investment by also investing in TV covers that will give your entertainment system a longer lease in life. 

You don’t want your patio fun to be cut short because your television has been damaged. So always make sure you have the best patio TV covers for your outdoor fun!