Do you want to start wearing dresses more often but aren't sure which kinds to buy? Click here to learn about 10 types of dresses for every occasion.

Dresses are great for all occasions. They help bring confidence, show off personal style, and can help you feel fierce. Finding the perfect dress can really depend on the occasion. And knowing which types of dresses look best on your body is a sure-fire way to be both fashion-forward and comfortable. But sometimes the world of dresses can be a bit intimidating.

There are tons of options and knowing what's right for your event can seem overwhelming. Do you want to start wearing dresses more often but aren't sure which kinds to buy? Keep reading to find out the best 10 types of dresses for every occasion.

1. Shift Dress
If you want to go for a classic shape, the shift dress is a winner. This 60s era trend has become a staple in the closet of most dress lovers. Typically shift dresses are short and hang down straight from the shoulders. They look great on a variety of body types and aren't too form-fitting. Shift dresses can be an excellent blank canvas for accessorizing and adding in some color blocking detail. They also look excellent with a wide variety of shoe choices. Dress a shift dress up with some slingback heels and a statement necklace for a night out or dress it down with some sandals and colorful earrings for a day in town. 

2. A-Line Dress
Even if you aren't a dress expert, you've probably heard of this shape before. A-line dresses fit at the hips and gradually flare out, giving them an "A" like appearance. This cut looks particularly great on pear-shaped bodies since it compliments your shoulders and is loose fitting on the lower half. An a-line dress is the perfect casual dress choice that is both comfy and cute. Find these dresses in a wide variety of colors and patterns to suit your own personal flare. 

3. Wrap Dress
Wrap dresses are truly magical. Like the sisterhood of the traveling pants, these dresses tend to flatter any body type. The wrap dress accentuates your natural waist by wrapping one side of the dress across the other and closing with a cute bow or tie. This gives you a classic silhouette and shows off your curves without having anything be too form-fitting. Wrap dresses can work for almost any occasion and help to give the perfect hourglass appearance. 

4. Bodycon Dress
If bold and statement-making is your game then bodycon dresses are the way to go. These dresses show off your full figure and hug your body tight to accentuate all of your greatest physical features. Bodycon dresses are typically made out of stretchy material and make the ideal dress for a night going out on the town. You can find these dresses in a wide selection from classy mid-calf length to short sexy and sleeveless. And no matter which style you choose, bodycon dresses are sure to have you feeling fierce. 

5. Halter Dress
If you're searching for the perfect summer or springtime dress, halter dresses are the perfect fit. These dresses are completely sleeveless and often just secure around the neck, so they are ideal for showing off your arms and shoulders. Which is perfect for keeping cool on a hot summer day. You commonly find halter dresses in the maxi variety, meaning they are ankle length, but can occasionally be lucky enough to stumble upon a short halter dress. Halters are comfy and casual but can be dressed up for a summer night with the right accessories. 

6. Asymmetrical Dress 
If you aren't sure of the vibe of the event you are attending, or even just want to rock something a little funky and unique, they consider an asymmetrical dress. These dresses and unique in that they aren't the same length on each side. This usually means the back is longer than the front or that one side is longer than the other. Sometimes asymmetrical dresses even have only one sleeve or one long sleeve and one short sleeve. The options here are endless so you can find something for any body shape.

7. Ballgown
Ballgowns are evening dresses that are ideal for formal events and tend to be floor length. They are perfect for black tie events and help you to feel your most glamorous. And when you hear ball gown, often times the big princess pouffy style comes to mind but really these dresses can range from big and flouncy to sleek and sexy. Wearing one of these dresses will have any room in awe as you make your debut. 

8. Sheath Dress
If you are wishing to feel like a boss lady but also keep some glamour then a sheath dress should be your go-to. These dresses are form-fitting, with a high neckline and a nipped waist. Then tend to be about knee length making them perfect for a business meeting or a classy night out. Sheath dresses are bold, beautiful, and curve-hugging. 

9. Empire Waist Dress
This style is great for petite frames. It gathers under the bust, which is typically the slimmest part of the torso and then flows outward from there. This gives the allusion of long legs and isn't overly tight on your tummy. Empire waist dresses are super comfy and can be versatile for many occasions. This waistline dates back to the 18th century and is still widely popular today. 

10. T-Shirt Dress
If you're the type to mix casual and cute then you probably already own a few t-shirt dresses. This style is the ultimate relaxed day time look and is perfect for going to lunch or just hanging out. Similar to a regular oversized t-shirt, this dress is baggy and looks great on all shapes and sizes. Dress it up with a killer pair of boots or rock it with some sneakers, this style is truly what you make it. 

The best way to see what types of dresses work for you is to experiment with these various styles. Find what makes you feel the most comfortable and confident and don't be afraid to play around with different shapes and colors. For more fashion-forward advice, keep checking in with our blog!