It's all about giving wearable looks a heavy dose of attitude.

Street fashion is continuously evolving, and it's going in so many different directions. But what’s quite hot these days is something editorial stylists brand as "Street Mix," which mostly caters to the ladies.

This type of street style beautifully integrates feminine details with typical boyish pieces, such as tracksuits that are commonly worn for PE classes.

This is evident in the selection of tracksuits from popular retail brands. The overall form or general features are masculine. However, you will find feminine details such as embroideries of flowers, or kawaii patterns of hearts, puppies, or cats.

Alternatively, you will see ensembles sold in stores that pair comfortable and ultra-casual items of clothing with crisp, structured, and obviously high-end pieces for young women.

Big Fashion Houses Are In on the Street Mix Style

You will find that a lot of top-tier designer brands have extensive collections to cater to this brand of street fashion. Balenciaga, for example, has this oversized whale hoodie that is frequently styled for magazines with tailored cropped trousers and stiletto heels.

The Italian brand also boasts of metallic ankle boots that are ideal footwear to pair with neon leggings and relaxed athletic pants. Metallic ankle books and funky athleisure wear is a favorite combination for the Street Mix style.

Other Popular Components of the Street Mix Style

Apart from pairing athletic wear with what many consider as structured for-the-office pieces, there are other components to work into this specific street fashion.

Sherbet Pastels

Soft tangerine, strawberry pink, pistachio green, lemon-lime, and other light and fruity pastels are heavily on-trend and considered essentials for the street mix style.

Pair these pastels with their darker versions or contrasting hues to create a standout ensemble.

Frilly Tops

Casual and cozy tops paired with pencil skirts or tapered work trousers look great on the street fashion runway. But so does a frilly top like the Saint Laurent striped lavallière tie blouse paired with Gucci's technical track trousers.

Frilly tops with ruffles on the neckline and candy-wrapper sleeves, partnered with athletic pieces, provide an innovative take on smart casual. It's ladylike but very comfortable for young women to wear.

Furry high heels

High heel shoes are ideal for ladies who want to achieve a lean silhouette despite the bulk typically created by the clothing items of the ensemble.

But for the Sporty Street Mix style, do not just go for the typical pumps. After all, street style is about breaking a few conventions. Opt for high heels with an eye-grabbing appeal such as faux-fur or fluff. Think Gucci's fur-line mules but with heels. And do not just slip into these heels; show them off. Crop your pants to show your ankles, or wear a skirt.

Snapbacks with long and loose ends

Caps or snapbacks with long and loose straps at the back provide a cooler image to any sporty mix style. They are a simple but eye-catching accent to an outfit.

Style tip: If you want to appear taller than you are, wear the cap higher on your head. This will raise the eyes up and create the illusion that your head is higher than it is.

Elevator sneakers

The Spice Girls just had a reunion, but before they hit the stage, the elevator sneakers they popularized in the '90s have already made a successful comeback among street fashion savants. They paired these shoes with everything from silk wrap dresses to slinky knits, and even tweed suits.

It's important to mention that elevator sneakers are not just reserved for the ladies. Even stylish young men can wear them for a "lift" and a leaner frame.


Traffic-stopping hues simply make sense for the Street Mix style. They add a large serving of fun to any ensemble. Neon-colored shoes, accessories, and suits are just some of the top picks for the popular sporty mix style.

Those are not all. Neon details are much appreciated as well. For example, dark denims embellished with neon stitching are included in the denim styles for this season.

Style Evolution

Street fashion offers so many possibilities. It's like a big umbrella with different style genres underneath it. Currently, Street Mix is hot in Tokyo, Seoul, Taipei, and other fashion-forward communities. Keep your eyes peeled and watch how this trend will evolve in the coming months.