Over the last decade vaping has become extremely popular with a wide variety of people. Many former smokers have used it to wean themselves off cigarettes and people who have never smoked have also taken to vape and vaping products. So what's the attraction of vaping and why are so many people taking it up? Here's a few reasons why vaping has become such a popular activity.

It gives people the benefits of cigarettes without the toxic effects.

The health issues with the toxic byproducts from smoking cigarettes are fairly well known at this point. These health risks include dangers such as the risk of throat cancer and lung damage. While vaping still has its risks it is far less harmful to the health of the smoker than a cigarette. Vaping provides the same nicotine fix as cigarettes without all the tar and other toxic waste products that are found in tobacco. As long as vaping is used responsibly it's relatively harmless and also helps with relaxation and anxiety, which may improve the mental health of the user and help them deal with the stresses of modern life.

It's cheaper and more convenient to buy than cigarettes

Cigarettes have gotten extremely expensive over the last few decades as governments factor the health costs of smoking into the taxes applied to tobacco products. Vaping has far fewer health risks and is not taxed as heavily as a result, so it's a lot cheaper. You can also easily buy vape juice online along with vaping hardware, and vape deals allow you get your vaping fix cheaply if you shop around.

It doesn't have the smell and air pollution issues that cigarettes do

Cigarette smoke has a distinctive smell to it that many people find unpleasant. The smoke also tends to fill a room and force people that are not smokers to inhale it. Vaping provides a more controlled and self-contained way to enjoy the effects of nicotine and the vapor released is usually not harmful or unpleasant. The people who share the same air as someone who is vaping aren't putting their health at risk as a result, so they are going to be friendlier towards the vape user than they would be towards a tobacco smoker.

It has less social stigma compared to smoking cigarettes

At one time cigarette smoking was considered the cool thing to do but the health risks combined with anti-smoking education have made it far less popular in the modern age. Since vaping doesn't have the same health risks as cigarettes it has become a socially acceptable alternative to smoking. You can vape in places where smoking isn't allowed, and people are less inclined to get upset when you vape in public.

So vaping has many reasons for its popularity. People have always needed some way to release the stresses and tensions of day-to-day life and vaping provides them with a way to do that in a relatively safe fashion. Nicotine still has its dangers and vaping isn't something that kids should be doing, but for responsible adults it's a great way to relax while enjoying the taste of some pleasantly flavored vapors.