If you run a business that needs shred, crumble, flake, grate, and slice the cheese, you are possibly familiar with an industrial cheese shredder. Its unique cutting principles allows you to cut cheese in many standard profiles that are being used presently in the industries. With particular attention to hygiene issue, makers use to obtain USDA (Dairy Division) and WDA approval. Engineers of eminent makers of cheese shredder follow the highest safety measures for operating and maintenance personnel.

The instrument is well equipped to process a soft high moisture cheese to hard Parmesan type cheese which distinguishes itself with unmatched cut quality. It can cut cheese blocks of 20, 40, and even 60 pounds per cycle, without pre-cubing. Advanced cutting technology provides the flexibility of shredding analog cheeses and soy-based products.

General Features of Industrial Cheese Shredder

Can process cheese, meat, and soy-based products
Can produce cut profile in one operation
Automatically feeds multiple cheese blocks
Can create a different variety of unique clean-cut shred, crescent, full, oval, “V” shreds flakes or grated from fine powder
Industrial cheese shredder accepts multiple blocks regardless of type, shape, and size for blending
Fully automatic with its in-feed conveyor
High capacity up to 350 numbers of 40-pound cheese blocks or 14,000 pounds per hour
USDA and WDA approved
Maximize productivity and minimize labor with no requirement of pre-cubing blocks
Variable speed motors available in 15-HP 2-speed or 20-HP
Easy for maintenance and sanitation
Each component can be dismantled and release quickly
The entire system is computer-controlled and capable of interfacing with both upstream and downstream processes
There are interlocking safety switches of the guards and the protective covers
Designed and crafted from the patented technology
Optional panel view with touch screen control panel

What to Look for in an Industrial Cheese Shredder

If you haven’t used an industrial cheese shredder earlier, you should search the following traits of the machine:

Is It User-Friendly?

The machine may seem large and intimidating to handle. So, set your mind to seek a model that’s simple and easy to handle. It is better to search for a model that has fewer moving parts. It does not only help you to streamline the operations but also help you to avoid injuries. A simple machine with fewer moving parts reduces maintenance cost and ease the cleaning process.

Are the Screens Easy to Change?

Industrial shredders today are the solution to everything to your need; it may be shredding, cutting, grinding, or chopping, you can do all those on one machine. You need to swap the screen out before changing the application. Ideally, screen change can be done easily and quickly without any tool to keep the workflow smooth and reduce delay in the process. If the screen change process is not easy to handle, you should opt for another model which has a user-friendly screen change option.

Is It Well-Constructed?

Operational function of industrial cheese shredder depends on the quality and reliability of the machine. Before purchasing the machine, you should consider how it is built. Whether the materials used in constructing the machine is durable and have an earlier reputation for longevity? What is the average lifespan of the device that you are considering to purchase? What will be the annual maintenance charges of the machine during its lifespan? A high-quality standard tool will save your time and money both.

How is the After-Sale Service?

Your business is your pride, and your commitment to the clients is your priority. When you search for an industrial cheese shredder, you must look to the sales team and their performances. You should collect market feed-back of the sales team and how they solve customer requirement at the time of need. This will not only save your time but also reduce the production cost.

Is It Affordable?

Only choosing an industrial cheese shredder is not enough for purchase consideration. Purchasing an industrial shredder is a good investment. So, you should look into your affordable fund for it. You should fix your shredder according to your immediate requirement from a reputed brand within your permissible budget.

Other Considerations

Here are some other factors you need to consider before purchasing your industrial shredder:

Size: Size of the machine you need depends on the space available for your production process. If the size you need doesn’t fit your available space, whether you will be able to make additional space.

Capacity: To handle your current needs and scale your business, you may consider buying up if your budget approves so that you can continue the machine for years.

Screen Size: Businessmen generally need different screen sizes for their industrial cheese shredder. If you’re not quite sure about the screen size you need, then take the help of company representative to help you out to decide.

Application: Industrial shredder is deeply application-specific. So, consider your present and future requirement and imagine how you will expand your business in the coming years.