If you’ve ever managed a group of employees before, you know how essential it is to build trust and camaraderie for the sake of getting better business results as well as creating a better work atmosphere.

There is more than one way to improve teamwork and motivate staff, and it’s important that you do so: when staff have drive at work, it dramatically improves productivity and customer satisfaction. Here are a few tips you can keep in mind to help you manage your employees.

Improved Tech Solutions
For those in the restaurant industry, you can choose to incorporate software that was specifically designed to create work schedules restaurant employees will love. If you want to get a cloud-based staff scheduler like this then not only will you get schedules faster, they’ll also be better too.

This keeps your staff working where they’re most productive in the restaurant, rather than wasting time in the staff room determining when in the future they will work. This software has many benefits aside from schedules, including: modern, secure time-clocks; streamlined communication tools for staff and managers; manager-facing dashboards, and more. 

Employee scheduling software gives your managers actionable intelligence about everything going on at the restaurant, while making staff feel appreciated and heard — in other words, you get many important tools aside from the ones that help your employee management.

Team Building Exercises
There are many ways to make your staff a closer group, but here are some ideas you can use:

Icebreakers at meetings: for teams that don’t meet often or are just forming, icebreaker games are a great way to build connections quickly. There are all kinds of ice breaker games out there, so pick the one that most accurately reflects and suits your organization. 
Volunteering: colleagues that work together to help others are generally better at working together to accomplish their own professional goals. Of course, supporting a great charity is also its own reward.
Lunch discussions: nothing makes people happy like eating! If the company buys lunch for the whole department, or a team, and provides a nice place to chat, colleagues form bonds amongst each other and feel more connected to the company.

Good Training and Expectations
To give your employees more job satisfaction, make them feel like they’re doing their job well. This involves training them well in the first place, and ensuring that they’re adjusting as time goes on. 

For example, some of your employees might have to deal with the media a lot, which can be a tough task. Using media training services to keep their skills as sharp as possible will surely boost their confidence, as well as your company's reputation

If they aren’t trained properly, you can’t expect them to learn how to do it well — how can you blame them for not doing their job well, when they didn’t get the proper instruction?

This is setting them up for failure. Teach them what to do, continue mentoring and monitoring them, and they’ll feel proud of their achievements when they succeed instead of alienated by their work when they fail. 

It doesn’t matter whether you use employee scheduling software, ice breakers, or proper mentoring to get better results from each employee; use whatever method suits your organization best.