Listening to the stories of people winning big at the football accumulators and hoping to win yourself some grand one day isn’t a bad thing at all, but you’d also keep the bitter truth in your mind that the accumulators were mainly developed to serve the bookies. So, unless you’re smart and calculated enough, and use some effective techniques and a proper strategy to win big at football accumulators, you aren’t going to become a successful full time bettor.

We know that everyone likes to win big at sports betting, as the field definitely has the potential to change your life with exceptional profits, but instead of trying to become a millionaire overnight, you better take this as a proper procedure and put all your efforts to defeat the bookies with your experience and cleverness. Here are some tips that you can follow to win big at football accumulators.

Make You Own Strategy

When you’re in the sports betting domain, you’d always go for perfection, as placing the right bets and winning every time is completely possible if you have the required knowledge and skills. But in order to do so, you’d have to invest your time and effort in devising a good strategy that works for your style of betting. But making a new strategy altogether can be very difficult especially if you’re a newbie in this domain.

You can follow some basic rules, for example, a general rule of thumb is that you should never switch between the matches. As switching between 3folds, 4folds etc. can confuse you, and cause you to lose the bet because of your carelessness.

Also, one of the best football accumulator tips is to decide how much you want to earn on top of your bet money, this would give you some clarity when deciding to place the bets on football matches. Once you start following the 2 rules mentioned above, half the work is already done.

Focus On Value Betting

If you have any plans to earn long term profits from betting, then you’d take some time and place some value bets, as this is the vital part of any professional bettor's portfolio.

When betting on the football matches in a specific league, always analyze the points table and the recent fixtures of both the teams. Other indicators like forms of the key players and the overall confidence of the rival teams are also a good way of placing some value bets. Select a team priced near to evens, conduct a thorough research and then place the bet to increase your chances of winning.

Never Go For The Short-Priced Favorites

Going for a short priced favorite, like a strong teem to win at their home without any proper research and analysis can be your biggest mistake. As the earnings on these type of bets is usually low, and losing 1 out of 10 bets is all it’d take for you to lose all the price money. So, avoid making this common mistake while betting.

Instead of going for the short-priced favorites all the time, you’d do some research, and find a favorite team that you think is shaky, and would most likely lose the next match against a smaller team. This method would enable you to win big at accumulator betting.

Learn To Control You Greed

Like with all the things in your life, greed can ruin your betting career too, and you’ll end up with an empty betting account at the end of the day. Greed in football accumulator betting is trying to combine all your bets (over 5) placed during the day into one acca and looking to win big, but this isn’t possible as not all your predictions are bound to be correct every time.

A good advice is to not build an accumulator with bets more than 3 to 5, instead, you can make multiple accumulators to have some hope even when you lose one or two bets. Al last, something is better than nothing!

Place Versatile Bets

On a boring no/ low football day, you can do some research on your betting site, select another sport that you know well about and combine the bets of football with that sport to increase your odds. Building a versatile accumulator with bets from more than 1 sports is a good way of entertaining yourself on a boring day, and increasing your chances of winning at the same time.

But never pick a sport you don’t know about, as loosing a single bet is enough to ruin your accumulator. Also, follow all the predictions carefully to have some mental clarity while placing the bet.

Some Other Options

Some expert bettors also consider a single high odds bet a good alternative to the accumulators, this is a debate that’s been going on for decades. But it is solely up to you to decide what kind of a bettor you’d opt be in the time to come.

A single high odds bet lets you win simply by placing the single bet and not indulging in anything else, while on the other hand, using a high odds bet as a part of your accumulator can help you back the results that are more likely to happen.

Open Multiple Accounts

Make a list of the best bookmakers available to you, and open accounts with all of them. The sole purpose of opening multiple accounts is to find the bookmaker which provides the best price on a constant basis, because even the slightest difference in prices is enough to make a big impact on your returns over an extended period of time. This can save you a lot of money in the long run.

Count The Bonuses As Well

Some of the best football bookmakers add a considerable bonus if you win by playing an accumulator. So, you’d always select the sites who provide the best bonuses and start betting on them to get some free money on top of every bet that you win.

So, you can follow these UK accumulator tips to maximize your chances of winning on football accumulators.