Because of the efficiency of how it burns, propane can save businesses a lot of money. Find out here what is propane gas and the top commercial uses for it. Roughly 60 million people in the United States use propane gas in some way each year. But what is propane gas and should you be using it too?

It's time to learn more about the United State's most versatile source of energy and how it can be implemented in everyday life. 

What Is Propane Gas? 
Propane gas is formed in natural gas and oil wells. It is a fossil fuel that is produced when it is separated from unprocessed natural gas. It goes through a process of extraction, distillation, and pressurization before being ready for use. This type of gas is categorized as a liquefied petroleum gas. Isobutane and butane are both types of LPG like propane.

What are the Common Uses for Propane Gas?
Propane gas can be used for a wide variety of purposes. Most commonly it's used for cooking, heating, and heating water. Anything from a hot air balloon to an animal enclosure heater utilizes propane gas to complete a task.

1. Within the Home
Propane is commonly used in homes for heating and cooking purposes. Other reasons propane is used in homes include:
  • Cooling
  • Water heater
  • Refrigeration
  • Drying clothing
  • Gas fireplaces
Propane gas in the home is not the most common gas used in homes but does make for a significant amount of usage each year.

2. For Vehicles
Propane gas is a widely used alternative fuel. For vehicles, this can result in improved performance, better durability, and increased driving range. Vehicles using propane range from forklifts to delivery fleets. As with other usages, propane gas beats out competitors for cost efficiency. 

3. For Commercial and Industrial Purposes
Most commercial entities use propane gas the same way a homeowner would. These commercial companies range from restaurants cooking food and using propane for refrigeration to laundromats who use it to run their equipment.

Some uses for propane gas that are unique to commercial and industrial purposes include: 
  • Heat treating
  • Brazing
  • Vulcanizing
  • Soldering
While there are some similarities in usage between commercial use and homeowner use, commercial and industrial usage far exceeds that of homeowners based on volume alone.

4. On Farms
The agriculture industry uses propane gas for a number of purposes necessary for daily operation. This can include:
  • Flame cultivation
  • Ripening produce
  • Space heating
  • Equipment fuel 
Agriculture businesses can buy their propane supply in bulk for extensive use across all business functions. This helps cut costs due to its lowered price and increased energy production.

Should You Be Using Propane Gas?
Propane gas is an efficient, eco-friendly solution to other energy sources. When using propane gas in a home, more BTUs will be delivered making it superior to other comparable options. Visit Kauffman Gas to find out more about selecting the right propane tank for your home or business.

Making a Switch to Propane Gas
What is propane gas and why it's important are great first questions for learning about the energy source. But the next step is taking strides to implement it further into your regular energy usage. Speaking with a professional representative of a propane company will get you closer to using propane gas more frequently.

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