No matter what the occasion is, renting a party bus Toronto for your evening out is an unforgettable adventure. Just don't forget these etiquette tips.

A party bus is a celebration on wheels and makes for a memorable evening. But before you hit the road, make sure you're following proper party bus etiquette. Should you tip your bus driver? Can you bring alcohol on the bus? Does the driver know where to take you and your guests during your evening of fun?

We've outlined how to ensure your party bus rental experience goes flawlessly and how to adhere to proper party bus etiquette below.

1. Know and Follow the Alcohol Policy
One of the biggest appeals of a party bus is it allows you and your squad to enjoy plenty of drinks without having a designated driver. But before you load up the bus with your favorite booze, know the rules and policies surrounding alcohol.

Each bus organization is different, so understand what you can and can't drink on the bus. If you plan to bring along booze for the ride, there may be stipulations about the size of coolers and type of liquor allowed. In some cases, you may have to put down a damage deposit if you drink on-board.

Keep in mind that any underage people on the bus will not be allowed to consume alcohol under any circumstances. 

2. Keep Your Party Bus Driver in the Loop
Nothing is more frustrating than yelling directions to the driver over a crowd of loud partiers. Instead of directing your driver during your night out, give him or her an itinerary beforehand. List out your anticipated schedule with addresses. This makes the night go smoothly for both you and your party bus driver.

3. Maintain Safety
A party bus is a place to have fun and be silly, but don't let safety go out the window. Celebrate your night while keeping in mind the rules of the road and respecting your bus driver.
While on your party bus, be sure to:

  • Drink responsibly
  • Stay seated 
  • Keep the bus aisle clear
  • Stay inside the vehicle while it's in motion

By keeping safety in mind, your Denver party bus rental experience will go smoothly without any incidents.

4. Clean up When You're Done
Once the party is over, don't leave your bus a mess. Bring along a few trash bags to help keep everything clean. Some party bus companies provide trash bags for their patrons, so ask beforehand.

Before everyone runs off the bus at the end of the night, ask them to clean up the area around them. Leaving the bus complete mess could result in not receiving your security deposit back and not being allowed to rent a party bus from that company again.

5. Tip Your Driver
The most important rule of proper party bus etiquette is to leave a tip for your driver. Service and rentals fees should be included in your initial payment, but the tip usually is not. Inquire if the service gratuity has been included in your bill beforehand.

Keep in mind your bus driver has been soberly driving around a bus of drunk party-goers all night. It's proper etiquette to leave a tip that is 15% to 20% of the party bus rental cost. Once the evening comes to an end, don't forget to say thank you to the driver who has gotten you back home safely.

Party in Style
A party bus is an excellent way to travel, just make sure you're following proper party bus etiquette and being respectful of your bus driver. If you do, your night should go smoothly without a hitch.

Know the etiquette before you go, so your party experience will be flawless. Learn more about party bus and limo rentals and the best party ideas by checking out our other articles.