Aging is a transition in life, which often leads to ideas like relocating to retirement homes which are mostly upcountry. However, physically and mentally capable seniors prefer living with their peers’ in independent living communities. Seniors are sure of an active lifestyle through independent living (IL) communities offering a secure environment and an array of activities for leisure and socialization. You can quickly tell if your senior loved one needs independent living by asking yourself the following:

Do they have any health conditions like Alzheimer’s, diabetes, and so on? 
Are they able to manage medications or attend to their doctor’s appointments without help?
Are they able to carry out activities on their own or do they need some help with daily living activities?
Are they comfortable with the topic of living in a community and enjoying the moment with their peers? Or, are they ready to live a hassle-free life?
Would they prefer the extra security provided by these communities?
Do they need extra security, or can they afford to purchase or lease an IL community? Lastly, do they meet the requirements for low-income senior housing?

A senior who is unable to care for himself or herself without help is a perfect candidate for an IL community. A nursing home or an assisted living facility would be ideal for offering care and support in daily living activities for senior ones. You should understand the following Independent living communities and their differences before deciding.

Retirement Communities
When it comes to IL spectrum, retirement communities are considered to give the least services, hence the preferred option. Retirement communities are neighborhoods where independent and active pensioners live and enjoy their moment with their peers. In the retirement community location, ground maintenance is the only service offered. However, residents do the cooking and cleaning of the home. Retirement communities have facilities like clubhouses, fitness centers, and an on-site restaurant, and so on. The residents are the ones who arrange for social activities. In retirement communities, you will find single-family houses, townhouses, and condos to mention but a few.

Senior Apartments

Senior apartments or independent living are facilities which offer different stages of care. This may include independent or assisted living, expert nursing care, and much more. Senior apartments provide services like housekeeping, washing, and transport for the residents. Also, the residents can take meals in the community dining area instead of doing the cooking themselves. 

Senior apartments are safe due to round the clock security features and safety offered by the staff. Features like emergency pull-cord systems are available in all rooms in case of an emergency alert. If you are a senior who yearns for a stress-free lifestyle, then senior apartments should be your number one choice. Seniors can enjoy the luxury offered by the community’s activities and services. 

Senior apartments and assisted living

Although senior apartments work in the same way as assisted living, residents have to cloth and take a bath on their own. Also, they have to do their laundry and be able to take their medications. An in-home care company could be of help to an elder requiring personal care or support to manage his or her medication. In other words, the senior can’t operate independently hence the need to bring help from outside to help him or her live comfortably.

Low-Income Housing (senior housing, government-subsidized housing)
Although this type of Senior Living is the same as senior apartment facilities, its rent is lower in the market rate. However, the availability of various housing funding plans and settings have enabled seniors to manage. You have to meet every financial and functional necessity to qualify. Every state has its way when it comes to low-income housing. Also, most of these housing programs have waitlists

Independent living communities enable seniors to uphold their dignity and strengthen their life worth in a safe environment. Nevertheless, family members and friends can have peace with the thought of their loved ones being in a safe and caring community.