Education is not just a name to go to school, sitting in a classroom, follow the strict schedule and learn the lecture. Methodology of education has also changed with time. Now, latest trends have been discovered in the field of education. The nature of learning is changing very quickly from books to tablets, internet and laboratory experiments. Now a days, students are busy in advanced technology of learning without going any institute or school. Examples of such technology are virtual and blended schooling. 

Important and best features of both virtual and blended schooling are to provide quality education with world class learning tackles and globally qualified teachers. The easy thing about virtual schooling is that students can link with their tutors and other students over the internet. The whole educational charter is interactively facilitated using technology. A blended school is the combination of old-style face-to-face classes along with the virtual learning setting.

Online learning system is not limited in some developed areas but it can be seen everywhere in the world. This technology has spread all around the globe. A large number of people take advantage of this education technology. In the UAE, tablets have become an essential part of learning for most of the schools. Homework and assignments can be completed and submitted online. Virtual schools have to be approved in the state, hundreds of learners in the UAE are registered in online programs of the school prospectus. From recent studies, it has been discovered that minimum 50% of all classes will be conveyed online in 2019 – 2023. At the same moment, official virtual schools can send wrapped records directly to the child’s native institute or to the best university as part of the submission process.

The Middle East is one of the newest regions with the highest populance growth rates internationally. The percentage of the populace less than 25 years old persons in the state ranges from 34 percent in the UAE to 50 percent in Saudi Arabia. Realizing the latent of the demographic prosperous is a main aim of provincial regimes as well as mentors, as the kids will consume info in a different mode. Technology has exponentially improved the chances to study and absorb information in novel and creative methods.

Arabic is the main subject, a non-native speaker faces struggle with it in the UAE. Now online schools in the UAE, introduced such programs which help children to learn this language with exciting and emerging way. They used online gadgets such as games and quizzes along with the classroom lectures. A collaborative approach plays a vital role in inspiring children’s learning skills as well as development. Blended programs use an inquiry-based tactic that creates education student-centered. This method of learning can drastically boost the educational prospects for learners, while also exceeding demographic and topographical restrictions. One of the biggest and best advantages of virtual and blended schools is that they can greatly develop the quality of teaching, boost output and offer edification at reasonable budgets with modified coaching from teachers. They can also pave the mode to customized schooling, allowing students to study in their personal style and at their particular pace, while matching highly adapted welfare.

Virtual and blended schools are ideal choice for those students who don’t like traditional schools or not fit for such common schools such as gifted kids or struggling to overawed education problems or career motivated or aiming admissions to a specific institution of education. This alternate solution of traditional schooling permits students and their parents to have easy access to absurd means worldwide to aid them succeed and develop a love of learning.

Online learning is altering the conventional schooling land as we know it. It has been noticed that virtual schools are widely spreading education technology and will soon become a small but permanent part in the framework of education, which will grow continuously. Subjects offered in schools can be changed or reduced as virtual schools are well-organized. Lives of kids are mostly busy in education and learning. Annually 800 to 1,000 hours of kids life spends in learning. Now the online education system gives them a break from their tough routine life of going to traditional schools. Parents also focused their kid’s studies at home in front of their eyes by taking advantage of online schooling as the parents always want their broods learn from a solid course in the best potential environment.

The Middle East is devoting greatly in invention and e-learning. Homeschooling in Dubai offers prospects for e-learning originators and technology firms in more than one mode: financiers of innovative technologies and education, funders of investigation, prospective buyers of highly advanced products and e-learning hence being a strong sponsor group for the technology as well as e-learning sectors.