If you are 2 weeks pregnant and you already know that you are, then you must have been anxious and excited to get pregnant thus you have managed to keep up with the calculations and managed to also time the best time to make a baby increasing the chances of conception. The fact is that you are already pregnant at two weeks even though fertilization is yet to take place since the gestational period begins from the first day of the last menstrual flow.

This calculation is the reason why most women do not realize that they are pregnant until much later probably when their period at last go missing for a while. Most get to know that they are pregnant when the pregnancy is clocking the 4th week mark. At 2 weeks into the pregnancy, not many changes are clearly showing that you are indeed pregnant and you could be in the verge of ovulating which will then lead to fertilization of the egg. So, there is no embryo yet and no baby whatsoever until much later into the pregnancy.

At 2 weeks pregnant, you are going through the usual pre menstrual syndrome that is related to ovulation and this can include some ovarian pain as the egg is released. You also will be feeling tired and will have a few pimples here and there as it is usually the case. Even though the breasts are not about to start enlarging, they will feel tender just like it is the case with menstruation stages. You actually must be getting ready to have your periods and your sanitary items are at hand for the day when it finally happens.

During this week, you will realize that the vaginal mucus has increased in amount and is thin and whitish. This is an indication the body has prepared for the movement of the sperms up the uterus to find the egg after which fertilization will occur. The mucus aides proper moving of the sperms and so this is a wonderful time to work harder in  making a baby since it is highly likely that you and your partner will strike in the first round. The fact is that you are already pregnant long before the fertilization takes place however unrealistic that might sound.

The uterine lining is thickening in readiness to receive the fertilized egg and this is probably the only change that is taking place inside of you apart from the releasing of the egg. As soon as the magic sperm meets with the egg, fertilization will take place and this is where the sex of the baby is determined. The sex of you baby will depend on the Y or X chromosome of the fertilizing sperm with the former producing a baby and the latter a girl. It is an amazing fact even though you will have to wait for several weeks before the sex of the baby can actually be determined through an ultrasound giving the details of fertilization. Please click here to read the article of 3 weeks pregnant.