When it comes to dressing to the nines while on the road, things can get a little tricky. A traveling wardrobe never feels quite complete, especially when you feel like you’re sacrificing variety in favor of luggage space. However, it’s important to remember that even though you can’t carry all your favorite clothing and accessories, you can keep a strong selection of pieces that are wearable and pairable for whatever occasion's next on your ever-changing agenda. 

But what exactly are the key pieces that should be living inside of your carry-on? 

How can you strike the right balance between fashion and function? We’ll walk you through the on-the-go fashion must-haves you need before setting out on your next adventure!

Canvas sneakers
Supportive canvas sneakers are travel musts. Not only do they pair well with just about every item of clothing you’ll travel with, but they're a great source of comfort for those long days of sightseeing and adventuring. If you’re planning on buying a pair just before your travels, make sure you suit up with ones that require zero to no break-in period.

Mini backpack
Toting around a bulky bag or a shoulder purse is so yesterday. A single hour of wear can make your hands and arms feel sore and ruin your mood. Opting for a mini backpack that holds all your essentials without the weight on your joints will keep you in good spirits and looking hip and chic.

Comfortable jeans
Skinny jeans are totally in right now, but are they the most comfortable fit for you? Mom jeans, boyfriend jeans, bootcuts, and flares are all stylish and practical options that pair well with all of your favorite tops. Rather than packing the jeans that make your waist look the tiniest, choose the pair that are most breathable and easy to wear for long periods of time.

Versatile flats
Having a pair of travel ballet flats in your carry-on is great for nights out on the town when your toes can't handle the heat of the dancefloor, and even better for days exploring a new city. Say goodbye to achy feet and say hello to all-day comfort and chicness with a pair of fashionable flats.

Headed to a sunny location? It’s always smart to have a pair of sunglasses resting on your head or hanging from your shirt for easy-to-access sun protection. With the many different styles of sunglasses out there, you can easily spice up an outfit with a pair that speaks to your personality.

A pair of simple black leggings are great for travelers who put comfort first. Should you plan to do any exercise on your trip, a pair of black leggings doubles as activewear bottoms. They’re breathable, stretchy, and pair perfectly with any top you’ve brought along.

Minimalist jewelry
Accessorizing while on the go can be near impossible when you’re trying to narrow down your packing list to just the essentials. However, with a few dainty pieces of jewelry on your wrists, fingers, and around your neck, you’ll have just enough glitz and glam to make you feel like the belle of the ball at any given moment.

Unless you’re headed into the desert, it’s always fair to assume that there’s a chance of rain. In the event you catch yourself in the middle of a midday storm, you’ll want to have a lightweight raincoat on you to protect yourself from the downpour.

Denim jacket

 Denim jackets are wearable in any season which is why they’re classic on-the-go essentials for avid travelers. A sundress paired with a denim jacket is cute and casual, giving you instant girl next door vibes. Pair it with a simple tee and jeans and you’ll be looking fresh off the runway with your top-tier matching aesthetic.

Last, but certainly not least, having a swimsuit you feel good in is a must-have for travelers headed to tropical destinations (or anywhere with a pool!). Soak up the sun without a care in the world with the right swimsuit. Whether you choose cute or sexy, modest or revealing, what matters most is that you feel confident.

With this handy checklist for packing success, you’ll be jet-setting with more style and confidence than ever before!