What is affiliate marketing?

This is the process of acquiring traffic from your websites, blogs, or ad networks, monetizing it through advertising offers of affiliate programs or merchants. Simply put, advertiser or merchants pay affiliate marketers to promote their products or services. The affiliate marketer is paid a commission when people perform an action on the landing pages of the merchant. This model is called CPA (cost per action). You can find more information on this topic on Affiliate Valley. They provide guides, cases, and cover almost every topic on affiliate marketing.

Let's try to better understand the mobile marketing ecosystem.

Obviously, the most important element of affiliate marketing is the customers. Without them, there would be no income. Let’s now look at how cash and advertising flow work in reality.

The affiliate marketer goes to an affiliate program, selects offers and advertises them using several methods:

Using their blog or website
Through traffic exchanges (Exoclick, Traffic Factory, etc.)
In social networks (Facebook, Instagram, etc.)

Subsequently, when a customer performs an action, for example, clicks, signs up for an offer, or buys the offer of the merchant, the affiliate marketer is paid a commission. The affiliate program plays a large role in this system, as it provides access to a large number of offers of direct partners around the world.

The information sounds confusing at first, and affiliate marketing can seem like a complex system. Of course, this business is not so simple, but as soon as you begin to study it, you will quickly become involved in the process and understand it more.

Here are some reasons to become an affiliate marketer:

1. Affiliate marketing is a pretty quick way to make money

For example, if you are a webmaster, you first need to create a website, work on SEO, promote it for a long time, find users, constantly support, create content, etc. This process undoubtedly takes a lot of time. While an affiliate marketer can start earning immediately! Of course, you will need a certain amount of investment. But the whole process is so dynamic that you will get a return on your investment in a few weeks or even days!

2. It is an ongoing learning process.

It is unlikely that you will make a big profit after your first attempt unless you are of course lucky, and this is completely normal. Affiliate marketing depends largely on your curiosity, attempts, tests and error analysis. Knowledge will come with experience, despite the fact that you will learn the basics in a fairly short period of time. You will learn how to determine which offers work for a certain type of traffic, how to monitor market trends and look for potential campaigns for investments. This important experience will help you increase your income in the future!

3. Affiliate marketing is an addictive process

Everyone dreams of work that they would enjoy. Affiliate marketing is undoubtedly a dream job (as confirmed by many people we know). And this is true, you will never be bored and will have the motivation to work. This is really a very exciting experience - tracking campaigns, analyzing statistics, and calculating your profits.

4. You are your own boss

Are you tired of your boss dictating all the time what you need to do? Or you are not allowed to reveal your potential?

In affiliate marketing, everything is different. You are your own boss and you make all decisions yourself. You do not need to be in the office by 9 a.m. You don’t have to go to the office at all!

You decide when and where to work and choose those with whom you want to work.

5. People help you

You will meet a lot of interesting people in the affiliate marketing community. Often they are all friendly and happy to give some advice. There are thousands of forums and blogs where affiliate marketers discuss cases, share knowledge, and help each other.

Moreover, most likely you will work with an affiliate program and you will have an account manager who will always help and tell you, and with whom you can communicate in a friendly, informal atmosphere.


Sometimes some people just need a little push to begin a life-changing project in their lives. If you are looking for that push, Affiliate Valley is always willing to hold your hand and guide you along the journey.