The real estate sector is comprised of several important players such as contractors, government agencies, property managers, and the buyers and sellers, to name a few. But real estate agents and brokers are the backbone of the entire market, as they are the people who coordinate all the work being done by various other parties and make transactions possible. 

A single real estate agent has a variety of roles to play at different stages of the buying and selling process. They have to perform the duties of a salesperson, an analyst, a consultant, a business manager, a negotiator, and a marketer, among other things. A good agent has the ability to smoothly coordinate and reconcile the demands of a number of players in the market to end with a successful deal. 

Engaging with the real estate sector can prove to be a very different experience for everyone. For people who are entering the market for the first time, the processes involved can be overwhelming. For others it can be an exciting chance. But regardless of how much experience you gain, the process remains physically and mentally exhausting, especially if you are selling a house you previously lived in. A good real estate agent can help steer the process for you. They can turn the endeavour into an exciting experience. 


The first thing you need to be sure of is that the agent you are working with is license. This is important if you want quality service from an experienced and well-informed individual. You can ask the real estate agent directly for their license details directly and they will be happy to oblige. But if you want to do some research on your own, there are several website which provide details about licensed real estate agents and brokers, such as Prop

Market knowledge

Any agent you choose to work with should be well-versed in the market in the area relevant to you. An experienced and informed agent can let you know the details of your market, such as what price range houses are being sold at and how long it typically takes to sell a property. This way, as a seller, you can present your property in a much more appealing and relevant manner, while as a buyer, you can construct your offer more strategically. Knowledge like this comes only from experience, since getting a license itself does not take much training. 

Interest in the real estate sector

The most successful agents are always the ones who enjoy the entire process of buying and selling property, and love all aspects of the business. If an agent does not have enthusiasm for the process, they can not provide their clients with the attention and energy they require. Having a genuine interest in property is definitely an advantage. 

Risk assessment and management

Finding an agent who is honest about possible risks pertaining to each transaction you are thinking of initiating is very important. Do not be caught in the net of flattery. This could lead to bad or uninformed decisions in the long run. You can do so by paying attention to the type of data they use to answer your questions, so you can make sure it is substantial information rather than just flowery language. This is the test to make sure they know the ins and outs of their dealings, and that they will keep your best interest at heart while making deals on your behalf. 

Attention to detail

Paying attention to detail is a quality that can distinguish good agents from the average ones. Realising that each client’s requirements are unique is an important value for an agent to have as they will then provide you with deals which fit your needs. Your experience in the market will be moulded by what you expect from it and you will not waste time looking at listings or visiting property that does not suit you. Finding such an agent will save you a lot of time and hassle. 

Comfort level

Since selling property is not just a huge financial decision, it is usually also an emotional one. The agent you choose should be compassionate and understanding. It is advisable to only work with someone you can be honest with, and who you believe will be honest with you. Having a level of comfort with your agent is necessary so the process becomes easier for you. 

The bottom line is that you should find a real estate agent who has the perfect blend of experience, confidence, integrity and compassion that fits your needs. An agent can have vast experience in the market but their style might not be suitable for you. This is why there are no definitive scale for who can be considered a good agent. Buying and selling property can be a very personal and emotional experience, so it always helps to have someone supportive by your side who you are comfortable with and who will be able to provide you with the support you need during this exciting venture.