Lately, quite a lot of travelers from around the world are traveling to Thailand. The rich culture, beautiful beaches, tropical weather and a happening nightlife topped by affordable prices makes it an ideal travel destination. However, when you will set to make your itinerary for the country, the internet and fellow travelers will suggest you the usual touristy towns such as Phuket, Pattaya and Koh Samui

There is no doubt that they are amazing destinations in every sense and have quite a lot to offer, but at times you want to go off the beaten path and explore the real hidden gems that have their distinct flavor. They might not have fancy attractions and commercial activity as the touristy towns, but their untouched natural beauty and the serenity makes them worth the visit.

If you are someone who likes to stay away from the crowded tourist hotspots and are in search of secluded, serene and yet mesmerizingly beautiful destinations, there are parts of Thailand that few people know of. Here are some top picks that you can put on your list.

Chiang Mai
Thailand mainly enjoys the reputation of a tropical beach destination, which is largely true. However, very few people are aware that although very small, the country has a beautiful highland region that is jaw-droppingly gorgeous. If you need a quick break from the tropical heat and humidity at the sea level, head to Chiang Mai, a mountainous village in the far north. Since it is located quite above the sea level, the weather is quite pleasant and you can enjoy the cool fresh breeze as you take a stroll through the beautiful valley dominated by iconic rice paddies. Although there are no attractions from the modern world, the beautiful waterfalls, local villages and rich rainforests with picturesque sunsets make Chiang Mai worth your time and money. You can book yourself a Chiang Mai tour to explore the valley.

Ayutthaya used to be an ancient capital of the land of Siam and sports the ruins of the majestic old kingdom to this day. The ruins of Ayuthaya are hauntingly mesmerizing and speak volumes about the rich legacy of the Siamese culture. Ayutthaya is easily accessible from the capital Bangkok and you can take a day trip or an overnight stay if you wish to explore further.

Riley is a beach destination in Thailand but it is largely unheard of and is nothing like the usual Thai beaches. It is a secluded white beach that is bordered by limestone rock formations at one side and the emerald Andaman waters on the other. The island is reachable via long-tail boats from Krabi, an island that neighbors Phuket. Riley sports an exotic beach that has negligible commercial activity. It is a paradise for nature lovers and snorkeling fans who wish to enjoy the beautiful sunsets and unwind on the soft white sand while enjoying the divine beauty.  If you are planning a honeymoon in Thailand, make sure you do make a stopover at Riley for a night or two.