Birthdays are always special not only for the person but also for their friends. Everyone tries their best to celebrate the birthdays of their loved one by surprising them with something that makes them happiest. 

Not everyone has their best friend in their state so they can celebrate their birthday with them. People with long-distance best friends strive to get ideas to surprise their best friend on their birthday. Here, we have outlined a few ideas that will help you to surprise your long-distance best friends on their birthday. We have created a list of the things that you should be in your parcel to send your long-distance best friend :

1. Scrapbook

The scrapbook is one of the artistic stuff that everyone would love to make one for their best friends' birthday. It gives a sentimental vibe to you and your friend. Try to collect all of your good, candid and old pictures and paste them on the scrapbook. Paste one picture on one card. You can also paste the pictures of your friend' loved ones in the scrapbook. After pasting the pictures, you can add the comment to every picture by using sticky notes. These comments will reflect the memory of that picture. Decorate your scrapbook from outside by adding birthday card on the front side. Try to be creative and sensible enough to compose an artistic scrapbook.Read about Ark Item ID.

2. Your mutual favorites 

The things and the taste that you both shares will give a sense of love to you and your friend. Gather your mutual favorites, whether it's skincare essential or hair care essentials. You can add these essentials in a decorative box. The mutual favourites things may include your favorite shared movie or books. You can send these mutual favorite books to them by wrapping it in a photographic paper or bag. 

3. Send them flowers 

Flowers are always the key to surprise someone. There are a lot of natural and artificial flowers that come in a variety of styles, design, and colors. You can choose the colors of different colors, or you can mix the artificial flower with natural flowers. You can make a customized bouquet and use different colors of flowers to send it to your best friend. Make sure to choose the flowers that are good in design as well as in materials. Don’t use flowers that will loose its fresh and bright look when it arrives at the doorstep of your friend. So choose the flowers and sellers that send flowers worldwide, ensuring the excellent quality.

4. Send balloons 

Choose their favorite color of balloons and combine them with bright balloons. You can also mix the ballons of different neon colors. You can send the various balloons of one color. For example, if they like black, send them a bunch of black balloons. Choose a box in which these balloons can be fit in.  

Combine all stuff mentioned above decently and send it to their doorstep, it will make them smile and will make their day the best one like thebusinessdaily.