UM Capital was incorporated in 2016 and has been harnessing technology and employing trained individuals with reputable financial records in order to offer clients a dynamic investment and trading platform. Perhaps more importantly, UM capital stresses a personal approach that other companies are lacking. This business is built around quality and meaningful human interaction. A bespoke and personal service is offered to each and every client. These are the virtues espoused by UM Capital and are continuously practiced throughout every level of our organization. 

Currently, UM Capital serves at more than 12,000 satisfied customers around the world. The company takes pride in its customer loyalty as thousands of clients decide to return year after year. This United Markets Capital review will highlight some of the key areas that make the company unique and a worthwhile partner for your financial future. 

Services Offered
UM Capital offers clients a robust and modern trading platform that has a competitive layout enabling profitable portfolios. Through this software, customers have access to a wide range of assets including shares and ETFs, forex pairs, indices, commodities, treasuries, several hundred CFDs, and many other valuable options. 

UM Capital embraces blockchain algorithms and technology. It has deployed this advanced technology on the dynamic trading platform. With blockchain, customers have additional options for trading in varying cryptocurrencies. The forex market has also embraced the quick trading involved with cryptocurrencies. Currently, UM Capital's main goal is offering services that provide users with the best user experience. It's currently operating in 7 different countries. 

Customers appreciate UM Capital's state-of-the-art technology that is continuously upgraded and improved. The efficiency and speed of the mobile app and web-based platform places the forex market at the fingertips of each client in a virtual sense. 

In addition, the encrypted and diversified app grants customers access to up-to-date alerts at five-minute intervals. This allows clients to improve their risk management, mess with their funds, and see a complete overview of their accounts. 

This technology comes with a wide range of features regarding risk management. With these tools, clients can secure future profits and reduce their losses. There are advanced options that provide customers with support and training in order to enjoy all of the perks that come with the competitive platform. Clients can use stop-loss orders without concern for the deal closing at a time different price than that which was predetermined. 

Personal Account Managers 
UM Capital includes a team of personal account managers that are dedicated to the success of each customer. They are known for implementing bespoke trading strategies. Each customer will receive a tailor-made trading plan to help them along their trading journey. 

Additionally, these account managers continue to train clients with different tools such as trading tips, money management strategies, analysis techniques, and pertinent financial news. These strategies are very popular among clients who enjoy interacting personally with the account managers. In many cases, clients are able to create long-lasting relationships with their advisors that result in great trading experiences. UM Capital continues to stress these relationships to encourage the success of its clients. 

Worldwide Philanthropy
UM Capital has continued to offer a generous amount of donations to philanthropic endeavors around the globe. Investing in the human race is at the core of the company's ethics. 

Clients are also supportive of this additional value UM Capital offers to the neediest communities in the country and the world. The company targets people who are at a disadvantage and hope for a better situation in life. UM Capital is careful about the disbursement of the money and has standards upon which the funds are administered. There are three primary pillars that play a role in the decision-making process: workforce readiness, financial empowerment, and economic development.