Breast augmentation surgery is one of the most frequently requested plastic surgery procedures. Women of all ages and from all walks of life turn to this surgery in order to enhance their curves while also boosting their self-confidence.

While breast implants alone do provide women with the results that they are hoping for, many also opt to get a breast lift at the same time as they undergo the augmentation procedure. There are some great benefits to combining the two procedures, including the enhancement of the size and the general look of the breast results.

What happens during the breast lift?

Mastopexy surgery, the correct term for a breast lift, raises and helps to firm the breasts with the removal of excess loose skin. It can also tighten tissue surrounding the breasts in order to provide good support for the contour of the new breast.

The breast lift is often performed as a stand-alone procedure but it may not give you the results that you are hoping for. Just as breast augmentation alone may not give you the cosmetic results that you’ve been looking forward to.

Combining the two procedures can help you to get the body contours that you’ve been imagining.

Who is a good candidate for combining the surgeries? 

During your consultation with your plastic surgeon, you’ll have the opportunity to discuss your cosmetic goals, while also making mention of any health concerns that may hinder your recovery. You’ll also have the opportunity to review a gallery of before and after images so that you can see just how remarkable the results of the surgery are. A gallery of plastic surgery results can be found at where you’ll be able to learn more about what kind of results can be expected.

Some of the factors that can make you a good candidate for combining the two procedures include the following.

Whether you have finished growing your family; multiple pregnancies and breastfeeding can leave the breasts sagging and deflated. Getting pregnant after breast surgery may alter your results.
Being a nonsmoker in good overall health, with a steadily maintained weight. Weight gain and loss can both alter the shape and placement of your breasts. It’s recommended that you be at your steady goal weight for at least six months prior to any plastic surgery procedure.
Poor skin quality, which could include a lot of sagging and stretch marks, along with disengagement between the chest wall and the skin, can benefit from a lift.
Pendulous or elongated breasts, along with those that have lost volume and shape can benefit from a combination of both augmentation and lift.

During your consultation your plastic surgeon can help you to determine whether your unique concerns make you a candidate for combining these two breast surgeries.

The benefits of combining surgeries

There are a number of benefits to combining these two surgical procedures. There are both cosmetic and reconstructive benefits to consider, including the following.

Combining the two procedures may prove to be the better financial choice for some patients.
The combination of the two procedures can reduce recovery time and time away from work and other responsibilities.
Combining the augmentation and the lift procedure is considered to be just as safe as if it were just a single surgery.
There will be less of a need for skin removal and a reduction in scarring if both procedures are performed at the same time.
The implant that is used to augment the breast can fill out and improve the overall look of the breast, which can mean that less lifting will be needed.

Combining the breast augmentation and lift procedures is considered to be safe. There are always some risks involved with any type of surgical procedure, so be sure to discuss any concerns with your surgeon prior to the big day.