The First five to six years are very crucial for a good nurturing of an infant. It sets the base for his/her future life.  As parents, you would want your child to grow healthy, active, and smart. It is a huge responsibility when it comes to giving the right upbringing of your child. But, how would you know that you are giving your child good parenting? 

Good parenting involves some of the crucial steps, such as creating a stable and peaceful environment, being a positive idol, and proactive involvement in your child's life. Moreover, it is an acceptance to take the responsibility of the entire child's development, religious guidance, moral support, and guide him/her having an open conversation and correlative respect. 

Get ready to be in the roller coaster of good parenting! 

And for that, this article will help you to go through with the five everyday things that mostly neglect while nurturing your baby: 

Pay Attention When Your Child Speaks

It is believed that a child's mind grabs things way much faster than adults. They learn from what you are saying to them. They are very active when it comes to catching words and actions being done in front of them. This helps in building their communication and social skills by connecting the dots in a web of meaning. 

Besides, you should also pay attention to your child's interests too. Observe things that make them happier and more engaging. Asking questions could be helpful sometimes than giving commands. 

Let Your Child Sleep Comfortably

Always remember that sound sleep is very important for your child. You have to make sure that you are providing your child a clean, peaceful, and secured space to take a rest. You also have to be attentive whether or not your child is packed with bedding essentials like pillows, mats, sheets, and cushions. 

You can also upgrade your whole bedding, instead of using that traditional pattern for sleep. Look for bedding accessories, kid’s friendly beds and other best affordable mattress to ensure your baby get relaxing sleep. 

Change those boring activities to creative ones!

Apart from buying toys and games for your child, try to empathize with their imagination and create some innovative activities on your own. For instance, pretend to be a teacher and involve your child in some learning activities, or tell them to wash their hands before eating by being a doctor.  This way, you will not only indulge your kid in extra activities, but you are also providing some knowledge. 

Flexibility in Your Parenting Style 

If you feel dull by your child's responds, probably you have built over the top expectations. If you think in a vacuum (single strategy fits all), you can talk to other parents, take help from child growth experts. 

Kids' behavior change with age and with the environment they are living in. So, you need to change your behavior as they grow and as per the surroundings. 

For instance, instead of continually saying no to your three-year-old, opt for ways to modify your surroundings, and have lesser off-limits. This will lessen up frustration for both of you.


To develop your child's skills, you need altering parenting style. The possibilities are what works now won't work after two years.  This way, you both will understand each other better and your parenting more manageable. Specify the areas that require most focus instead of addressing everything at once. Do not forget to take out some time for yourself or as a couple. Do things that make you happy and less selfish. 

You simply have to take care of your own well-being, which is still very important to remain a positive role model for your child!