Cakes and birthdays are intricately related with each other. Birthdays will be coming around all the year. SO, the innovation of birthday cakes will remain continuous. We all love to celebrate our beloved little kiddo’s birthday with grand celebrations. 

The latest trend is to arrange for theme parties. And according to the themes, there are creative cakes as well. Tracing back the history of cakes, it was birthday that was the first occasion to celebrate with cake. After that, it has become a tradition to celebrate every occasion with cakes. Flavors, shapes, layers, colors- on all these and more, cakes have various varieties. 

Here are the top 5 modern cakes for your young kid to celebrate their upcoming birthday with grand arrangement. 

1) Cartoon Cakes
Cartoons are the classics of the lifetime. We all, irrespective of all generations, we have grown up watching the same classics that our kids are watching and upcoming generations also will. SO, how about making your kid’s birthday more memorable by gifting him/her their favorite cartoon character in shape of a cake! Besides the classic characters like Walt Disney Mickey and Minnie, Donald Duck, Scooby-Doo, there are many characters now-a-days. So, know the character that your kid is fond of and get that cartoon themed birthday cake delivery from any online site. 

2) Sport Cakes
Kids are fond of sport when they are in the age of growing up. And there are people, experts who are trying every now and then to come up with different ideas of making cakes. Sports cake is the best category of birthday cake for the kid whose first love is sports. Usually these cakes are two or three fused layers with more surface area. Mostly, on the top of these cakes, the sports designs are made with crème. For example, if the kid is fond of cricket, you can arrange for a cake that makes a green base with a cricket bat and ball on top of it. You can even make a personalize cake where you put the kid’s picture and write the caption with crème- ‘to the future cricketer, from your biggest fan’. Other sports cake can also be decorated in this way. 

3) Number Cakes
Number cakes are perfect for birthday occasion of any person irrespective of age. It indicates how many birthdays you have crossed in all these times and how many more are wished for you to cross. A Number cake can be of the number shape itself with layers. Sometimes, you can mention the age number at the top of the cake layer as a topping. Or you can just bake a plain flavor cake at home and put the candles in number of the age of the kid. They would love to have such amazing variety of cake for their birthday celebration. 

4) Fruit Flavored Cakes
Rare, but true- there are some precious kids who love fruits like anything. It is the blessing of the parents to have such a kid who is so good in choosing healthy food over junks. For them, you can get the best fruit cakes if you order cake online. Sometimes, it is a layered cake of a particular flavor fruit and some cut fruits used for the topping of the cake. Sometimes, you can get multiple flavors of fruit cake available in cake shops. Fruit flavor cakes have varieties of designs and tastes. If your kid has a favorite fruit, order that flavor birthday cake. If not, any fruit flavor birthday cake will work for him/her. There are seasonal fruits as well whose flavors are rare and amazing fro birthday parties. 

5) Colorful Love Cakes
Love is what the first and last emotion that your heart expresses for your child. So, expressing the love on the birthday cakes will take your beloved kid to cloud 9 on their birthday. You can arrange for the variety of cake in any flavor that is your kid’s favorite. But make the shape of the cake that of a heart. Also, a rainbow heart cake with a lot of edible color and flavors has become the new trend. 

Above are the best ways of making your kids birthday party perfect with modern cake ideas. They will love the day and will make it memorable forever.