We live an social-media-obsessed society. And with the likes of Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and an endless stream of ever-changing channels dominating our lives, if something isn’t on social media, it may as well have not happened.

As crazy as it may seem for anyone born before the 90s, this is the reality of the world in 2019 and it applies to both our personal and professional lives. If there’s no video or photographic evidence to prove it, it simply didn’t happen.

Creating a video of your company event is therefore essential. But of course, keeping up with the Kardashians on social media is not the only reason to create an event video. So let’s take a look at some other ways your event video could bring value to your business.

1) Endless promotion opportunities

With a proper video of your event, you can continue to promote the event, your business and your services long after the party is over. Whether it’s posting short clips on your Instagram account or sending a five minute sizzle-reel of the event to your mailing list, you can use this content to continue marketing and promoting your business for weeks or even months after the event itself.

Having an entertaining and engaging video of your event is also a fantastic way of promoting the next event. It’s a great way of reminding previous guests of the last event whilst also attracting new guests too. After all, telling people how awesome your events are is OK, but showing them in an entertaining and eye-catching video is so much better! You can also post a short video of your event on your company website as a way of engaging new site visitors.

By investing a bit of time and money in making a high quality video of the event, the opportunities for promoting and marketing your business really are endless. In order to get the most out of your video, you may wish to consider hiring specialists in event video production in Sydney. Whilst nobody knows your business better than you, you’re probably not an expert in film making. Using professionals will help make sure that your video showcases the very best of your business and your event.

2) It adds value to the event

Let’s be honest, people these days can be pretty vain. They love to pose for photos and to feel a bit special by appearing in videos. So why not use this to your advantage by making your guests feel involved on the night? Give them the star treatment by having a red carpet or conducting short feedback interviews for example. 

You can also use this as an opportunity to increase your social networking output by tagging various guests in the video on Linked-In, Facebook and Instagram. This will help increase your engagement after the event itself. If people know that they are in the video, they will watch it and share it with their friends. And all of this will help to promote your business overall and increase your online visibility.

3) It helps you improve

Though a lot of it may not make it into the final cut of the film, having footage of the event is a fantastic way for you to evaluate your performance and look for ways to improve in future. From decor and aesthetics to audience engagement and reactions during presentations and speeches, you can use the raw footage of the event to inform your decisions for future events. 

Much like athletes watch their game footage back to review their mistakes and improve their performance, you can learn a lot from watching your event on tape.

In Summary…

So there you have it. Multiple reasons to invest in a proper video of your next event. To get the most of your investment however, make sure you plan ahead, get professional help and maximise the use of your video with clever marketing in the weeks and months after the event.