Rubies and sapphires are high-grade colored stones, which are expensive, and inexperienced buyers tend to suffer or even be fooled. Pay attention to the following aspects when purchasing. The beauty of colored gemstones comes from the color and the brightness of the fire. These are optical effects. The same optical effect environment can also affect people's perception of rubies and sapphires, sometimes misleading consumers. 

The influence of the environment on the gemstone perception is mainly the background tone and lighting effect. Ruby belongs to warm color, warm light will make it more colorful. Incandescent lights and yellow-lighted spotlights make the ruby look redder. According to this principle, some jewelry stores make a fuss about the illumination of ruby jewelry and adopt warm light illumination to improve the red color of ruby. The yellow background also makes the ruby look redder, the reddish color turns bright red, and some jewelers often use yellow paper when selling rubies. What's more, in the inlay of ruby jewelry, the metal support is plated with yellow to set off the red color of the ruby. The practice of using such a yellow plated support is not permitted in the industry, and is equivalent to doing a "coating".

Sapphire is a cool color, and cool lighting such as fluorescent lamps makes the sapphire look bluer. Some jewelry stores work hard on lighting, and install cold light source lighting, such as white LED lights, to enhance the blue color of sapphire, making it more soft and beautiful. Strong lighting will enhance the red sapphire fire, it will also increase its transparency and brightness, and improve the brightness indicator in the color of the stone. So some consumers choose the rubies and sapphires in the cheap engraved bracelets jewelry store to feel very beautiful. When they are brought home, they become "brown stones" and "black stones" - the color becomes very dim, not bright when bought in a jewelry store. These are the things to be aware of when choosing rubies and sapphires. The safest way to look at the gemstones in natural light is to make a more realistic judgment of the color, shade, and brightness of the gemstone. The way of setting the gems makes the gems gather.

For pink and lighter sapphires, the use of bezel set can make the color thicker, but the bezel set of the metal bracket prevents the surrounding light from entering the gemstone, and the brightness of the gemstone is affected. The high-grade, rich-colored rubies and sapphires are generally set with claws to highlight the fire and brightness of the rubies and sapphires. Ruby and sapphire are high refractive index gemstones, and strong fire is its unique beauty. This is different from the high-grade colored gemstone emerald. The emerald's fire is not as good as the rubies and sapphire. The inlay is to highlight its green color and protect the more fragile gem crystals. Therefore, emeralds are mostly bezel set with inlays. Sapphire mothers rings cannot be weighed directly. They can only be measured by measuring the size of the gemstone (in millimeters (mm)). According to the shape of the gemstone, the corresponding calculation formula and the density of the gemstone are used to estimate the carat of the gem's weight.

Ruby and sapphire inlaid jewelry should pay attention to whether there are phenomenon of obscuration. Metal studs are also used to cover gems, and are used to cover the shackles near the waist or the bottom to enhance the clarity of the gemstones. When inlaid with a bezel, it can cover the waist and the bottom of the beak, and the waist is the joint surface of the gemstone. If the gemstone is flattened, the joint is not easy to detect here, and it is most likely to deceive the buyer's eyes. Be careful when buying this gem.

The ruby and sapphire material are expensive, and the cutting and honing is all about the material. It is difficult to have gemstone faces of the same shape and size in high-grade goods, especially the large particles of rubies and sapphires. High-quality rubies larger than 1 carat and high-quality sapphires larger than 3 carats can be paired, even with six, eight, and ten infinity necklace with names and suits. It is very rare, and its unit price should be much higher than ordinary gemstones. The more particles that are paired, the more the unit price rises, because it is possible to pick out the pair in a few hundred or thousands of stones. Therefore, many rubies and sapphires auctioned by auction houses often see earrings, sets of chains and other accessories. These accessories are rare and precious, so they can shoot higher prices. Collectors and consumers should pay attention to or consciously search for gems that can be paired when purchasing ruby and sapphire, adding value to their collections.